Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Smokin' Hot and Fabulous....Sign

I took a little trip out to the country yesterday.  Well, guess you can't call Brenham the country but the drive on 36 has a very pastoral look about it in different sections.  Each time I drive this road I try to find something new that hasn't had my attention before.  Yesterday, I saw for the first time some of the intricate brick and stone work of small drainage ditches underneath the railroad track that is parallel to the road .  It was Biltmore worthy and I say that because the brick and stone work from long ago are works of art.  On the drive there, I worked on some Mildred and Gertrude lines and on the way home I listened to Christmas Pops on Sirius XM, the highbrow music of Christmas but I do still enjoy a Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer song.   I went to Brenham to see my friend Mimi.  Lots of fun and I had my first hot cocoa of the season with her.  We visited, ate lunch at Nathan's and did a little shopping in downtown Brenham.  They are blessed with a plethora of cute local shops and I was blessed to bring home a couple of Christmas things.  In The Cottage store I came across a little sign that came home with me, Don't Count Sheep-Talk to the Shepherd.  I also saw this little sign and was so tempted to buy it, but for me smokin' hot is not a good thing because only my meds make me feel hot and not smokin hot but more like sweating, hot flash hot.   

 But I wasn't going to buy this for me, but for any of my preacher friends who refer to their wife as smokin hot in their sermons which I think as you know, those who have read Monablog for a while, drives me bonkers.  Preachers preach from the pulpit don't lust or covet another person's spouse-yet they offer up this description of their wife, which seems counterintuitive.  Maybe some man hears this and thinks, oh yeah, now that I think of it, he does have a smokin hot wife and sins in his heart.  Of course on that fabulous part, I'm guilty as charged. 

I also wore my new Born black boots.  Born shoes are the only shoes I will wear without first breaking them in.  These boots are so comfortable, they are like tennis shoe comfortable.  I will be ready to climb every mountain in North Carolina....strike that, I will be able to admire (from the car) every mountain and looking good in my black boots.  Please refer to fabulous in the paragraph before. 

Peggy came over Monday and we worked on our script.  We had three pretty good run throughs.  I even made her lunch which you know came from the fine folks at Whole Food Market.   Of course we got off task because that is what we do, but because of time restraints this week, we were a little more focused. 

I love quotes, have several notebooks full of favorite quotes, so I loved getting a book of illustrations and paintings with the artist's favorite quotes beneath the picture.  So much fun to look through and wish I had an artistic bent, but since I don't....I enjoy what others can do. 

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