Thursday, December 26, 2013

Now It's Time to Say Goodbye....

Cue Sound of Music...The hills are alive but I conquered one today by climb every hillside...  Anyway, I'm back from my hill adventure with energy to spare.  If I were to show the picture of this little hill, you would be so disappointed to know I haven't been able to walk up it for more years than I would rather admit.  I didn't get winded only stopped once because I lost my balance.  Roy took lots of pictures, so I will post some when we get home.  Speaking of home, I have been so good and haven't text Katie until today letting her know our plans.  Buddy has been good, so that is a relief.  I know Buddy has been much happier at home rather being at "camp."

We have had a wonderful day.  Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we had breakfast.  Then we scored primo chairs in the lobby and then scored the couch in front of the fireplace.  The lobby was organized chaos at its best.   The girl that did the turn down service last night told us that yesterday was a banner day at the Inn, no one checked out and no one checked in.  The Inn was completely 100% full.   By the look of things, most people checked out this morning.  This afternoon looks like a lot of people are checking in.  Thanksgiving through New Years is the busiest time of the year and January through April is the slowest.  I think I could totally come back here in January and enjoy the leisure pace.  We both have done a lot of reading this trip.  Roy has read two novels and just downloaded another one onto his Kindle.  He rarely has time anymore to do that kind of reading.  I also think he is more apt to watch TV at home rather than read.  We have both come to the conclusion that having the TV on as background noise sucks hours and hours of time that could be spent more productively.  

Yesterday, I talked with a man on the elevator.  I asked how his Christmas had been and his face radiated joy because he said this had been the best Christmas in a whole lot of years.  He remarked that he and his family were going to come back again, he was sold on the place.  Biltmore does do things right.

Edward was back at work today and we were able to visit with him briefly.  He is such a joy and has great stories.  He was upset with the table we'd been seated at but we liked it.  We had a wonderful view of the mountains and the vibrant colors of the morning.

It's that time to pull out the suitcases and begin to put things together for the trip home.  It is always sad to leave here and return to the real world, but our real world is not a bad thing to return to.  All the road time will give me a chance to think through my One Word for 2014.  Also a few stops at some CB to see what Christmas markdowns are left.  And as always Roy and I discussing and solving all the world's problems.  

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