Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh the Weather Outside if Frightful and I Love It!

Friday night on the prairie.  The wind still howls but not as loud or as often as this afternoon.  Once it became apparent that I would be waiting for the garage door man and knowing there were several letters I needed to be mailed, I took a brisk walk to the mail boxes.  There was the light sprinkle of rain but not enough to curtail my mission.  Walking back toward home was much easier because the wind was behind me and the cold fingers of the north were not brushing me to walk forward in frustration.  The man who came to fix the door was really nice and he will be back in the morning to complete the work.  Our keypad outside the door has never worked, so he is putting in one that will work.  Roy got home right before the guy finished up and got to talk with him a little bit.  Meanwhile, I was out the door for my haircut and added some extra time because finding a parking spot at 10:00 is a lot easier than in the afternoon.  You also get into Jr. high and high school traffic at that hour, so after fighting through that mess I decided to just head home instead of stopping off at a few places.

With the cold day and with Roy watching TV in his study I was ready to settle down in the living room with a beautiful fire...only the fireplace would not start.  Roy called the people who installed ours and I began the Google search of our situation.  Roy had someone on the speaker phone explain to him the process of manually starting the fire but neither one of us could locate the switch she was talking about.  The first appt. they had open was February 24 to come and check out the situation. Are you kidding me?    While I was consulting technician Google, I found out that you are supposed to have a tune up of your gas fireplaces every year, just like you do for your heater or A/C.   We are going to get that on the list of our to do's.  We do have a tech that was recommended to us coming out next Friday.  Meanwhile, I walked past the fireplace and got the remote to see if we could still hear the click on.  Just as I was doing that, I asked Roy if he prayed and as he was saying no I prayed.  Roy said look, there is a little blue flame and the next thing you know, there was a nice gas log fire going.  I am so grateful for this little joy because it seemed so sad to have to spend this next week of cold, overcast days without a fire going in our fireplace.  All is well.

This must be the year of plaid and the plaid shirt is becoming my go to "uniform."  Yes, plaid has replaced my love of denim as my go to "uniform."   Really, there is such a limited time to wear plaid and that time is winter and sometimes it is more tied to Christmas by certian colors.  Anyway, I am enjoying wearing festive plaids.  I bet you are glad that this information was in a short paragraph.

There was this huge mug at Home Goods that lives at our house now.  I mean really, the thing is $3.99 and the quote on the outside of the mug isn't bad; 'Strive for excellence not perfection.'  This quote doesn't really apply to me because I am not a perfectionist and I really feel sorry for my friends who are.  That is a heavy burden to carry.  This would have also been a great mug for me when I worked at church cause we had those three word sayings like Biblical, Relevant, Community and Gather, Grow and Go.  We had one that had excellence as one of the words and not for a lack of trying I cannot remember what the other two words were.  With my brain, the One Word thing works.  This giant mug holds two Keruigs worth of coffee.  Nice for those ease into the day mornings. 

Saturday is Roy's turn to bring breakfast for the Bible study he attends.  For the holiday season they have scraped the rule of a hearty breakfast like bacon and eggs etc....  Roy is taking sausage kolaches and boudain kolaches with a few donuts thrown in.  They guys were really excited when he told them last week this is what he plans to bring.   

I loved Beth Moore's Patriarch Bible study and I am loving Genesis in CBS.  We all marvel at the things we are learning and have never seen before in previous studies we've participated in.  I have never really ever thought about, what other stories could have been told about Abraham because his life has become so interesting to me.  We knew we would learn a lot of history but the spiritual truth has been spirit blowing.  On Thursday the area director of CBS sat in with our group.  At first I was a little nervous but soon we were going through the questions and discussing just like we always do.  She told me afterwards what a wonderful group we are and the multi layers of trust and friendship that are forming around God's Word reflects how core groups should grow and love.  We are a diverse group of ages.  I love after our group time I struggle to get these ladies to stop visiting and move on into teaching time.  A great picture of this was on Thursday as one of the younger members helped a, let's see, yes, a more mature member know the nuances of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 S for optimal communication with her daughter and family.   This is how the Body of Christ works and loves.  I have been blessed with two of the best groups ever in my two years of facilitating.  For this I give thanks. 

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