Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Time Next Week is Christmas

The last thing I should be doing right now is sitting at the computer reading Facebook and Twitter.  Checking on a few blogs I like to read and wondering to myself what great subject will Monablog tackle today?  Great subject is subject to great hyperbole. 

Yesterday my medicine snafu was resolved and our house sitter came by for keys and actually got to meet Buddy.  Buddy didn't even run which is Buddy's usual response when someone comes into our home.  She stuck around, so that is a good sign.  Roy was in meetings and got home later than usual but it worked out because Dena and I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then looked at Christmas lights in and around Rancho De Five.  Some neighborhoods go all out and then there were the ones that almost seemed dark.  Our last stop of the evening was at Chicky for a peppermint chocolate shake. 

I also made a return to KT Antiques although some might think I am there every, not usually.  I had gone there Sunday to be out of the house when the electrician came to look at the fireplace.  Strolling through the store is such a relaxing endeavor looking at things made way before I was born and those things that remind me of my grandparent's home.  There are bowls and glasses and such just like those my mother had in her kitchen.  The last two years KT has been a great place to find things for our home.  My life is defined by themes it seems and so are my visits to KT.  There were the trips looking for antique hand tools, decorative window glass and frames, Christmas décor and fallish finds.  Here of late, old books have had my attention and I have found some wonderful treasures and some that will be pulled apart for pictures.  Several times in the past few months I have been drawn to some books from 1912, Boys and Girls Bookshelf.  The dealer had marked them down to $9.00 a piece.  I did some research on these books which originally were a set of 21 but then recalled due to an error.  They reissued the set but now it contained 17 books in all.  Through the years the set had been updated and I think the last books published were in 1960.  Back to Sunday, so after a lovely and leisurely stroll, which can only be done when I come alone...when Roy comes he sits at the soda fountain counter, eats cookies and visits with the ladies working the register that day.  I know this is not his favorite thing to do, shopping.  He loves the cookies though and I try to limit my strolling to a minimum with him.  Once again I found myself drawn to these books.  I took some time with each book and began stacking up the ones I was interested in.  I came home with three books, A Journey Through Bookland (you KNOW that was coming home with me) and the other two are about history and wonders.  Later Sunday evening I sat with those books mesmerized by their complexity of subject matter but the simplicity of breaking it down for children to understand.  As I read the thought comes to me that all this material brought together was done before WWI and WWII.  There are several words that were used in 1912 that has total different meanings in 2013.  The artwork and attention to being well rounded in history, arts, humor, books, and outdoor interests filled in hours of attention because no TV or games or FB or any social media for the children back in the day.  As I read and browsed through the books, I wasn't content with just three, I wanted to add a few more to what I already had.  I'm not interested in having the whole collection.  Tuesday, I went back and picked up a few more books.  I'm tempted to bring one on our trip but I think I will read current matter. 

This afternoon included returns to Coldwater Creek, a Target run, The Fresh Market, and a few other places.   I was rather happy to find Chris had left when I returned home.  Tonight, Roy and I have been getting everything together and tying up loose ends.  We've checked the weather multiple times as we decide on what to wear.  Having several dress up occasions adds more to pack than usual.  Buddy is upset by suitcases and she'll really be upset when she goes for her mani/pedi in the morning but she will be so happy to stay at home with our house sitter and not be at camp. 

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