Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 The Year of Proceed


Instead of doing New Year's Resolutions I have been doing the One Word thing.  It cuts out a lot of the clutter and discouragement that resolutions bring in about, oh I don't know, February.  The word I picked for 2013, Proceed.  I did the work and whittled down my choice to proceed and progress and as you now know, proceed won.  It was a good word that really describes the year.  I proceeded from maintaining the status quo with my heart to actually feeling good and more energetic after the ablation in March.  Then on August 31 I had a monitor put inside my chest that reads the beats and relays them to the doctor office.  Once I proceeded in this area, I proceeded to the Orthopedic and began the injections and meds regimen to bring relief from constant knee pain.  

Spiritually, I proceeded in abiding in the Word and making it my constant source for life.  Facilitating a group in Community Bible Study has brought such joy and discipline.  Being able to do things in my spiritual giftings combined with natural talent given by God has brought much contentment and purpose to me in this year.  Asked to speak and teach, to laugh and write by other strong and confident women has been so encouraging but along with the encouragement are the challenges given to make me strive in knowing Him. 

Relationally, I have proceeded to keep away from the presence of those who I will never ever be able to please or those who have to be paid by undying allegiance to receive any type of blessing or favor.  We all have toxic people in our lives and these toxic people may not be toxic to others or maybe we have found ourselves in the role of toxic person number one.  Graciously, the freedom from these toxic, insecure people and being able to proceed in life has been welcoming, healing, freeing and relieving. 

2013 found me proceeding into more reading and creativity of expressing thoughts and ideas. 

This year held in it various trips and travels.  The year began in Israel and the year will end in Rancho De Five.  And that is good.  I was able to visit Biltmore three times this year, I've never done that before.  Conferences and training came too in these days of trips and travels.  There are those relaxing drives to Brenham to see a good friend, Mimi. 

2013 was a year of reunions and finding friends from long ago and going on like years of time had not gone by.  It was a year of making new friends and becoming friends with those so opposite of me.  The year has blessed me with three good friends moving out to the Rancho De Five area, Emily, Dena and Dana.  And of course my partner in crime being so close by is a blast. 

Roy and I proceeded to make several major decisions this year.  We spent a lot more time together and aren't mad that we did.  :)  We proceeded to love and honor one another and want the best for each other in 2013 and beyond.  We proceed to make plans for the years ahead after Roy joins me in retirement. 

2013 brought many opportunities to proceed in thanksgiving and gratefulness.  Gratitude and generosity. 

I know many who are so thankful to have this year be finally over.  This year has held more than enough hurt, misunderstandings, lost opportunities, loss and pain for many but 2013 will always hold a special place in my memory of days gone by.  2013 and the word for the year, proceed, brought me much contentment.  I think this year has been one of the most contended years of my life.  And for this I am thankful, for this I am blessed. 

On our trip, I had a lot of time to think and pray for the One Word for 2014.  The One Word came to me out of the blue, it wasn't even in the top five.  When I saw the word in an article, it jumped out at me.  I researched all the meanings and the forward direction and look it possessed.  I'll reveal it later this week and no, the word is not Nordstrom. 

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