Wednesday, January 1, 2014

500 Words

Yesterday, I wrote about my one word for last year and finding my new word for 2014.  This morning while having coffee and perusing Twitter and Face Book, I came across Jeff Goin’s challenge of writing 500 words a day for the month of January.  To make us accountable, he urged us to register our blogs and join the 500 Word Facebook page.  I rarely if ever join and participate in these kinds of things but this morning, maybe because of the newness of the day, I signed up.  Truthfully, many mornings I sit here and write, sometimes for the blog but mostly for me.  I love writing, the process, the thought process.  My weakness shows once something that I love to do becomes a requirement or a discipline.  But it is a new day and a new year.  This is much more do-able than the NAMO challenge in November.  The thought of that is totally overwhelming and it stills the creative juices.  So here I go, into January 2014. 

We spent last evening at the Bain Compound enjoying dinner, football and friendship.  OK, most of us did not enjoy the football, well, we enjoyed the first half.  Not huge Aggie fans in the bunch gathered but it was more of; please don’t let Johnny Football do too well so the Texans will draft him.  Roy and I enjoyed spectacular firework displays on our short trip home.  Once we arrived, our neighbors put on an impressive show, almost as good as a professional one.  It seems like eons since we have actually stayed up to welcome the New Year, but we did so last night.  I finally had to call it a night or morning and now realize I can sleep through incoming fire, make that incoming firework.  We slept in.  I eased into the morning but Roy went to gym to work out. 

It is our tradition to go to the bookstore on New Year’s Day and we continued that tradition today.  Roy mainly looked in the discounted book section and I hoped the new journaling magazines would be out.  We both found a few things.  We opted for Los Cucos for lunch and returned home.  Yea, we live that full and crazy life.  We did have to make a return trip to the storage unit.  Yesterday, we got all the Christmas décor taken down and put away.  We took everything to our unit just like most of Rancho De Five.  Of course, even with multiple checks and rechecks, something Christmas is always left behind.  Today was no exception.  I think we can now say our home is free of any Christmas decorations.  Now, I contemplate whether to pull out Valentine’s stuff or do with a bleak mid-winter theme of January. 

Life goes back to a normal routine tomorrow.  Roy has opted to go into the office.  No more late nights or late mornings for him at least for a while.  Chris comes tomorrow afternoon, so I will get out and about stocking up on everyday things and camping out at the library to work on homework. 

The excitement of the LSU win today in the Outback Bowl will make the time between now and August when college football begins again, to be filled with hope for another successful season. 

I’m over 500 words for the day but I look forward to the challenge and topics that I will write about. 

Happy New Year!  Happy 2014!

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