Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shhh! Library Time

I am at the Rancho De Five library taking in the quiet.  A table was vacated so I moved from the comfy chair to the table.  This is a happening place in a quiet sort of way.  Downstairs excited children are looking through the shelves searching for a new read.  Upstairs serious students and those like me seeking asylum from stores and busy restaurants and from Chris who is at our home cleaning.  I will probably go back early to check in with her but I am going to miss these days when she finishes before it gets dark.  In the spring and summer she tends to stay later.  I have the casita bedroom I can take refuge in.

Well, it is Thursday morning.  As much as I tried to blog at the library, my ADD kicked in big time.  I was so tempted to walk through the stacks of nonfiction and actually did an online search.  I had my journal with me and I needed to get a few thoughts down while my reflecting brain was in gear.  I also brought a couple of books.  There was a squirrel to watch, wow, really ADD yesterday.  Its nest was in the top most branches of the tree and watching it climb and maneuver on the branches of the tree was attention grabbing.  Several times an announcement about craft time for all ages tempted me for a second to go check it out but I didn't think being out crafted by some five year olds would make me feel very good. 

I am so glad I came home early because Chris is changing our time to Thursday morning.  I am so thrilled with that news!  Wednesdays are not the most convenient but dang, she is so good, I was willing to deal with that inconvenience. 

Made a Target run for a few things we needed and a few things we didn't.  With all this dental work being done, dental products have my attention.  When Roy and I were on vacay in September at the Biltmore, is when I noticed that I clenched my mouth while sleeping.  Consciously I would try to relax my mouth and jaws but would wake up clenching.  So, I'm probably grinding my teeth too.  Then I noticed how much I clench my mouth during the day and in stressful moments I really put a lot of pressure on my teeth.  Here I thought I was dealing with things that make me angry in such a godly way since there has not been those outbursts, but I am compensating with that pressure.  No wonder I have little fractures in my teeth now.  Ugh!  Another bit of news from the dentist appointment on Monday, my immune system, which hasn't been that great since 2008, is playing havoc with me and has attacked some of my teeth.  She has a plan to diminish the attacks and for this I am so thankful.  Now I see why I went through several words to finally come to my One Word which is persevere or as Beth Moore says, persa-dang-vere.  I am not going to lie, this has been very painful and this being said by a person who has a very high threshold of pain.  I know there is more pain to come with the remedy.  At Target yesterday I bought a mouth guard to wear at night.  Oh that Roy, what a lucky, lucky man. 

Today I am meeting a friend for lunch.  Then I plan to get back into reading.  A perfect day for it, overcast. 

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FitzandMolly said...

nancy mon. need your face across a table from me. let's make it happen!