Sunday, January 5, 2014

Well Done

It is January 5th and I have been waiting for this day for quite some time.  It is the start over here across the pond of Downton Abbey.  I was watching the special preceding the first episode of season four but since I am recording it and since I need to write 500 words today, I decided to come blog.  Granted, this isn’t going to be much of a post because of several unexpected happenings this afternoon that I am not quite ready to write about.  Nothing earth shattering and this isn’t some blog secret thing that people will do to get people more interested in their blog.  It is a disappointment but not an unexpected disappointment.  I kind of knew in the back of my mind this would come about in a matter of time.  Side effect of five years of heart issues, but I will go face the music and report in later this week. 

We went to church this morning and didn’t do our regular LBS, late breakfast stop, but went to The Fresh Market to pick up a few things and then headed back out to the prairie.  We have some friends who are out of town and we went over to weather proof the pipes and turn up the heater in their home in preparation of these next two nights of cold weather.  Then we stopped and picked up some lunch and headed home.  Roy finished up with our pipes and bringing in some plants. When he went to Katy Hardware yesterday, he picked up the last outdoor faucet covers they had, although we already had some. Way to follow that inner voice because we used those three covers at our friend’s house today.  I ran a couple of errands and returned home to a long nap on the couch. 

I am still in shock over the passing of Louie D.  I have thought of Vicky and the girls so many times since Friday and each time I go in prayer to lift them to the Father.  I have known Louie and Vicky since I was in high school.  Vicky’s sister and I were friends, well we still are, but back in high school.  We were in high school but they were in college.  I have loved their whole family for a whole long time.  Louie was one of the kindest men.  He was pretty dang funny too.  Our first time we visited Bayou City Fellowship, he was out there in the parking lot greeting people and offering them rides up closer to the chapel.  He loved his family, well.  Very well.  I cannot even imagine the heartbreak of the family of losing someone that loved them so well and so unconditionally and then losing him so unexpectedly.  .  Once again we are reminded to cherish those we love.  Speak kind words.  Love one another.  Help one another.  Encourage one another.  Laugh with one another.  I don’t understand why someone like Louie has to go too quickly and too soon from us, more so from his family.  Well done though good and faithful servant. 

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