Monday, January 20, 2014

A Little Sunday Catch Up

With 99 open to 290 we headed over to Houston's First Baptist Church Cypress campus for church.  It was nice having extra time on Sunday morning and not leaving so early.  We loved it!  Roy saw tons of friends, well we both did.  We saw Jason right off the bat and loved getting caught up with my former boss but still good friend.  Even got to see Paige too.  It's not bad going to TV church, in fact we might have liked it better than in person at the loop.  The screen is closer.  With the extra time before leaving, I was able to work on my 500 words for the day.  I am enjoying this exercise in writing but truthfully most days when I sit down to write, I do more than 500 words.  It is a good habit to further develop. 

We stopped at Burgers and More after church and picked up BBQ.  Now Roy has gone out to ride his Trek while I have worked on Genesis homework.  I am fighting off taking a nap but I might be going down for the count.  This week it is mainly a review of Abraham's life because we are moving right on and have begun looking at Isaac and Rebekah with Esau and Jacob.  One of our for deeper thought questions asked what we have learned about Abraham.  Much more than I ever knew. 

Yesterday, was laid back. Roy went to Bible study and then took his car into the dealership for service.  He was there longer than anticipated.  He made a few stops on the way home and by that time we were ready for some Mexican food.  I think I might have found the menu item I will be ordering at least for the next few times.  Once we got home, I settled in with a book and Roy went to work out.  I started reading Mrs. Astor Regrets and it certainly has my interest. Yes, I am out of the south on this one but she did grow up in the south and would have been a belle but her mom was worried that all her schooling would make her less suitable for marriage, pulled her out of school and placed her smack dab in a very unhappy marriage.  Third marriage, she became Mrs. Astor. 

I am looking forward to having a bit more of a laid back week because beginning the week afterwards will be the long, long dental journey.  I know I have several dental surgeries in the coming months.  But I will persevere and know that this is just part of the process of getting back. 

As usual with Sunday posts, I complete them on Monday.  David and Emily called and we met them at the Luby's.  Yes, I think this is the hot spot to be seen in Rancho De Five.  The recent years have been almost Luby's free for us, even when we lived close to the one on Post Oak by the Galleria which we affectionately called the Hobble and Gobble.   The wait staff is good but it kind of bugs me.  One guy is a hover-er and if you put your fork on your plate for any reason, he is wanting to whisk it away.  Last night's guy...I think he was a guy, was attentive but not quick on the action part.  Oh well, I am willing to endure this first world problem to have a Luby's in the neighborhood. 

Buddy is purring and seems content her on my lap.  I hate to get up to get a cup of coffee.  I love these mornings where she settles down on me and makes herself comfortable.  Oops, she has stopped purring so this portion of her day is probably coming to an end.  Sitting on my lap is cutting into her first nap of the morning and.....there she goes. 

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FitzandMolly said...

Paige mentioned today that she saw you & Roy - said it was so fun to catch up.