Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Whole Lot Of Waking Going On

I am thrilled to have found out this morning that one of my favorite authors has a book released in April.  Ellen Gilchrist has not written, well, she has probably written, but has not published any stories in eight years.  I discovered Ellen Gilchrist in the 80's.  Barbara Brown Taylor also has a book being released in April.  April reading is looking good!

As many know from reading Monablog, we have had some of our funniest and most poignant moments in the middle of the night.  It has been a while.  Last night, I awakened around 3:00 am and I thought I heard something that we rarely hear out here, the bass tones maxed out on speakers, in cars passing by.  We have a natural buffer from street noise with the casita bedroom and the courtyard.  I was a bit unnerved by this noise.  In the grogginess of the early morning, I concluded it must be noise from the street behind us.  Yet, I couldn't resolve that as the answer either.  So stealth person that I am without glasses, I got up to check out the source of those bass tone beats.  After nearly killing myself tripping over an ottoman and stubbing my toe on a chair, I might add I was not quiet about these run ins with the furniture, the sound diminished and by the time I reached the front door, hobbling and in pain, the noise was gone.  Buddy left the coziness, the warmth and softness of her blanket to scout out what I was doing.  I would like to think she was concerned but the reality is, she saw a perfect opportunity to score some treats.  She had worn herself out before bedtime chasing her newest toy filled with organic cat nip and overcome with drug induced tired, she forgot to remind me of her bedtime treat before conking out on the couch.  My return to our bedroom was uneventful and safe, so I got back in bed and settled in for returning to sleep.  I was almost asleep when I once again heard the bone rattling noise of that bass.  Sometimes I leave the radio on during the night but I was rather confident that there wasn't anything on KHCB with that kind of beat or tone.  Dang, who is up this late on a school night, driving around, with their music blasting so that the only thing to be heard is the bass maxed out?  Oooh, didn't that sound old lady-ish?   It was then, in that moment of blue haired madness, that I realized the annoying sound was coming from the slumbering and snoring hubby.  This was not his usual snore.  His snore forte is loud. And he is tone deaf, so he doesn't hear anything with a beat, but his snoring was a perfectly timed four, four beat and on pitch too.  I didn't have the heart to wake him up to turn over on his side.  I need to stop watching the news before going to sleep.  Home invasions and break-ins can be the leading story or BREAKING NEWS!  When Roy got up this morning he was none the wiser of my nightcap misadventures.  I am sore from the fall but didn't break my toe on the stub.  You have to look and search and be alive for the positive in the midst of late night adventure. 

When we first moved into our home I ordered a few pieces of furniture from Grandin Road.  I have been so pleased with everything.  One of the smaller chests that is in the family room is on sale and most probably being discontinued.  Today, there is free shipping so I have been contemplating all morning whether to pull the trigger on this.  I just did.  The price is too good and it's a great piece.  Now I will have matching tables by the chairs.  Also more storage for books and such wonderful things. 

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