Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Cold Thursday Report

This morning I awakened to the news that the winter storm watch has now been changed to winter storm warning.  The expectations of the duration of this warning, around 12 hours.  I might have to wander into a grocery store after Bible study to see if the stores are as crowded like we were in the impending doom of a hurricane.  Even though our snack supplies are running low I think we will make it. 

I never made it to the grocery store but I drove past a few and it looked like ice storm zero panic buying was in full force.  I had a much more fun afternoon.  Geni came out to Bible study today and afterwards we went to lunch at Kay's Tea Parlor and then looked at a couple of stores.  One of which was KT Antiques.  I had gone back in to see if a ceiling tin was still there and sadly it had been bought.  But I did find some cute lambs and a couple more of the Boys and Girls Bookshelf books. 

Roy barely caught a bus and stood all the way home tonight.  He stopped and picked up pizza for dinner.  He has gone outside to inspect all the plants and pipes and he is keeping an eye on emails to see if the office is closed tomorrow.  That decision probably won't be made until early in the morning. 

There is a group I belong to on Facebook; I Remember Southwest Houston When.....  There is a broad range of ages and people in the group.  I rarely comment but enjoy reading the remember whens and the responding comments.  Westbury Square is a favorite topic of a project ahead of its time and the demise and destruction of the remnants that remain.  I loved Westbury Square.  My friends and I would walk a mile or so to get there, then we'd shop at Cargo Houston, The Candle Shop, The Chemist Shop and have ice cream and a Coke at Rumppleheimer's and then hope one of our moms would come pick us up or we would begin our walk home.  I remember when Roy and I ordered personalized Christmas cards from the stationery store maybe the third or fourth year we were married and I felt like I had arrived being about to afford such a luxury.  Meyerland Plaza has been the other shopping discussion and as I read through other's memories, wave after wave of my own memories has taken me back to the long ago and I began to realize that Meyerland Plaza has played a huge role in my growing up and young adult life.  School clothes came from Penney's.  My parents grocery shopped at the Henke & Pilot.  Christmas gifts were purchased at Woolworth for my family and a few times my mom, brother and I sat at the lunch counter there and had lunch.  There was a Wyatt's Cafeteria and they served partially frozen peaches that was always one of my choices.  I worked at Penney's when I was in high school and when I was in college I worked at Graham's Men and Boys Clothing Store and then at ABC Baby Furniture.  Our rehearsal dinner was at the Houston Oil Company restaurant and at that time they had the best salad bar around.   Meyerland is a thriving shopping center again but it doesn't hold that quaint feeling like the original one for me and for others growing up in southwest Houston. 

I started a new book today, authors talking about their favorite bookstores.  It is going to be a fun read.  Stay warm, stay off the ice in the wicked weather and terrifying traffic.  Got to love the news and their love of alliteration. 

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