Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Post Vortex

Life in Rancho De Five should go back to the natural and normal rhythms of daily life.  Kids in school and surely the grocery stores have restocked from panic buying.  On the news last night one reporter was at a bakery that was doing wild and busy business.  Seems that when it is cold or rainy bakery goods are the food of choice in the genre of comfort.  By the end of the week it will be in the 70's and this cold artic blast will soon be forgotten.  These cold, overcast days are quickly coming to an end.  For most, that is welcomed news but for me I am a bit saddened because I love this weather. 

Being funny, Roy sent me an email he had received from Starwood Group of Hotels, advertising a reasonably priced stay in Hawaii.  I know he sent this to tease me because I must be the only person in the world NOT remotely interested in going to Hawaii. 

Having an open day yesterday did not produce productivity in any way around here.  I think partly due to the hangover from the pain pill I took before going to bed.  But, I forget that taking in the silence and quiet of a day is be-ing productive for my spirit.  I didn't even read that much but I did get the new piece of furniture unpacked and into the living room.  It looks rather nice.  And I remembered to do a roast in the crock pot. 

Monday evening after eating a smashed up dinner after all the dental work, I was camped out on the couch and Roy was in the study working on a few things when the doorbell rang.  So, the study is close by the front door and Roy yells, it's some couple standing at our door.  I am so sure they heard him and he opens the door and then steps outside to talk with them.  We mainly do this because of Buddy but I figured it was someone from the church we visited on Sunday.  I take some dishes to the kitchen before going to join Roy at the door.  I am sure I looked quite the sight...think I had my Einstein hair going on.  They had brought us a gift from the church, I invited them in but they declined.  We stood out in the courtyard freezing and they wrapped up their visit with us.  Thankfully, they didn't ask if they could pray with and for us before they left.  They looked like long pray-er types.  We went back inside and we both said together, they should have called before dropping in.  So, we had pretty much drawn a line through that church on the list and the pop in visit sealed the deal.   The couple was very nice but still, a call beforehand would have been nice and I would have probably discouraged the visit since we aren't interested.  Oh well.

I just returned home from a fun brunch with friends.  Great food and a wonderful time to catch up with those whose lives are on a different road right now.  You also get the skinny on new projects coming up out here on the prairie since several ladies are politically connected.  Very fun. 

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