Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13- A Lovely Day

The early morning with fog and overcast skies made my heart and mind retreat into smokey layered thoughts of Biltmore mornings.  I knew well enough, I was not in North Carolina, nor was my morning going to be spent reading in front of a grand fireplace.  I knew my breakfast would not be containing grits nor would anyone be refilling my cup of coffee, well except for me.  Monday mornings are not early ones for the most part.  I like to take Mondays to relax and take care of everything going into the new week.  There is homework to finish up, laundry, sometimes errands, but I try to keep Mondays free.  That’s not going to be likely in the next few months as there are periodic trips to the oral surgeon.  Today is one of those days.  I had almost taken too long reading and had to hasten a bit in my morning grooming.  I was working on my hair, which I wish I had known that the winds were blowing 20 mph because I wouldn’t have taken that much time with the hair, when the phone rang.  Dena never calls me at 7:45 am and as I walked toward the phone, I was praying.  In that split second of rehearsing all the scenarios that reasonably could be for the call, but her call was none of those I imagined.  Phew….  Her car wouldn’t start.  She knew I had a 9:00 appointment with the dentist, but could I drop her off at the office?  Not a problem….  I picked her up and she came to the car complete with purse, lunch, briefcase, phone, and garage door opener in hand.  For a minute she lost track of the opener but finally found it on the floor of the car.  We laughed because we had spent the majority of the day together on Sunday; church, lunch, Nord, The Fresh Market and back to our respective homes.  In my nonprofessional opinion, I believed she had battery problems.  I dropped her off at the office and made my way to the dentist office.  The parking garage at the dentist’s professional building is not a fav.  This is where my former cardiologist offices and I had spent a lot of my time circling in search of a precious parking space and trying to keep my pulse and heart rate down when going for heart related appointments.  Really, you cannot have a heart attack in that garage because the cars would be lined up outside and onto the street if you happened to block one of those lanes.  In order to keep good health, I have opted for early morning traffic on the freeway.  If I hadn’t went willy nilly in the parking garage…don’t ask…I would have been five minutes early for my appointment, but I skidded into the office at 9:00 am and was out of there by 9:04.  In no time I was at the Target across the street and giddy in finding two more of the journals that I love.  Dena found three of them in Baytown, so it was a five journal haul this weekend.  I stopped by her office on the way home and picked her up.  Roadside service would come start her car.  I stopped at Whole Foods and returned home.  I had done more than most Monday mornings.  My little fireplace came today but I can’t get it to work.  Maybe Roy can figure it out for me.  The Sugarboo stuff came from the Nord today.  I am in paper heaven. 

I’m reading several good books, I continue to love the study of Genesis in CBS, and I’m content.  I have a thoughtful and kind husband and I have the best friends.  Those who I don’t truly understand or those who genuinely kind of aggravate me are at a distance right now and the rest is oh so very welcomed.  This has been a good Monday and for this I am sincerely grateful.   

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