Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts

Well, little did I know there is this little thing called an off and on switch on the little fireplace thingy that came yesterday.  Gee, who knew?  I even read the instructions before trying it out.  Oh yes, there is plenty of info on the settings and which knob to turn and the like but nothing is ever said about an on or off switch.  Granted, I think if I had put this on the island in the kitchen to get a closer look I would have seen it UNDERNEATH, like on the bottom of it.  Things on the floor + me looking at it from above because I can't get to floor level=no worky.  Roy got out a flashlight and found the switch and he is giving me 'what for' because we have reversed roles on this one.  It is a small little stove like thing but I like it.  The flickering light seems to be bigger than what one would think.  It was a lovely few minutes, because I had other things to take care of last night, of sitting there in my reading room, surrounded by books I love and the cat I love curled up upon my lap.  Pictures of people and places I love and with a stack of freshly acquired notebooks that I love.  And there stood the man I love, watching me dwell those few fleeting minutes in an atmosphere that restores my soul, laughing at me because I didn't look for an on and off switch.  Well, it can't be too ideal because that wouldn't be real life.  Besides, tucked inside me I know this, it won't be long until Roy has one of these moments....bah ha ha ha ha!  I'll be gracious, I know...well, maybe not too gracious. 

Yesterday, Dena and I saw a most unusual sight as I was taking her back to her home for roadside assistance, a woman jogging.  There are tons of joggers and walkers and bikers out here, so that is not an unusual sight but what made this particular jogger stand out was her running togs, her top tog barely covered her, uh...let's see....ah yes, her essentials.  Dena was the first to express her surprise of seeing this essentially endowed woman. Really, you couldn't miss her.  We both agreed she knew what she was doing when she decided to get half dressed that morning.  With my spiritual gift of depth I said, maybe she is just being like Rebekah who carried her jugs on her shoulders...studying Genesis has paid off spiritually and funnily. 

Roy has a conference that he attends every year and it happens to be in Washington DC.  The past few years he has gone up early to take in the sights.  I have never been able to go due to health concerns.  This would be the year...but no it's not.  He has made his conference hotel reservations at The Mayflower Hotel and we had hoped to get a room at the same hotel so as not to have to pack, unpack, pack, unpack and pack till we got home and unpacked.  The only rooms they had left were suites and the price wasn't bad but we would have to change rooms on Sunday.  Since it seemed to be more hassle than it's worth, Roy is still going to his conference but neither one of us will be going up early.  We are both pleased with the decision.   

I have lots of paperwork to fill out for upcoming appointments.  There seems to be a whole lot of laundry.  I can hardly concentrate on this or the others I have mentioned because I have two really good books going.  I cannot get enough of them. 

I began the new system of journaling I have been reading about.  The name of the book is Journaling, Catalyzing Spiritual Growth Through Reflection by Adam L. Feldman.  This book introduces the discipline of journaling and introduces a lifestyle of contemplative reflection through Biblical, anecdotal, and practical teaching.  It helps deepen community with the Lord, discover contentment in life and develop confidence in decision making.   The chapter on Season, the When of Journaling has my attention.    The author gives deep insight into how we live in our current season of life.  Do we let circumstances, people, and the like invite discontentment  that in various ways will suck the joy, peace, contentment, love and fruitfulness out of life and if not careful these life suckers will detrimentally affect your love for God and for others.  Now, you wouldn’t think the three things he named would really be the ‘trend’ terms that are thrown about.  The first life sucker is Entitlement, second life sucker, entitlement that turns into bitterness and the third life sucker, nostalgia. 
I am also reading Walking on Water by Madeleine L’Engle.   She is blowing me away!  I never read any of her books geared toward children and I hadn’t read anything else she has done.  I have been made a fan in one day.  Walking on Water is one of those types of books that first read through I am using a black marker and other read throughs will be in other colors because I believe this is a book I will come back  to many, many times.

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Adam L. Feldman said...

Nancy! So thankful that "Journaling" has encouraged your spiritual journey. And, great to see that you're reading "Walking on Water." That is such a GREAT read. I may just have to pick it up again! Blessings.