Friday, January 17, 2014

An Evening At Downton Abbey...I Mean at Second Baptist

Oh most blessed day of Friday.  No appointments, no errands, just a morning to ease into the day.  It has been quite some time since I have had this much time to myself and it is filling up the reservoir of time alone in me.  In a bit I will fix some eggs and reheat some of the Biltmore grits I fixed yesterday for CBS brunch and by then I will be on my second cup of coffee. 

I was out late on a school night because Laurie M and I went to Second Baptist for the Downton Abbey themed evening.  Who says the Lord is not in the details of our life?  She drove in from Cypress and I drove in from Katy and we parked right next to each other.  Everything was done so well last night!  We met in the Sanctuary which is the original worship center.  The front circular driveway had a car from that age with ladies and gentlemen in their fineries.  The steps up into the narthex or whatever they call the lobby, each church is different, was lined with footmen dressed in their formal black and white. 

The evening began with a welcome from "Lord Grantham" and beautiful door prizes perfectly themed for the night.  Lot of tea and biscuits and the like.  We were entertained with a selection from Puccini which made me think of what happened on Sunday night while listening to the selection.  Focus Nancy....on the beauty of the music.   The speaker, Pam Thompson was delightful and refreshing.  I believe she has a weekly Bible study on Tuesday morning at the Woodway Campus.  She spoke out of Colossians 3 about the joys of being an upstairs girl and contrasting why we don't ever want to revisit who we were before Christ came into our life.  I learned a lot and laughed a lot.  Her sense of humor drew you in.  After her talk, we were invited to go to the reception that had been prepared and we were to follow the lamp lighted path.  No it wasn't Bibles on fire...i.e. your Word is a lamp unto my feet... and we entered into the world of the early 20th century.  Very well done and as Laurie and I sat to the side noshing on cheese, fruit and crackers, waiters came by with delectable treats of lemon and fruit tarts and chocolate covered cherries.  We heard there were cream puffs, but we were more than satisfied with our desserts.  Laurie and I had a chance for a much needed catch up on life.  Now that we are connected with 99, it will be much easier to make our luncheon dates.  We saw several friends from First Baptist and we were most happy to see Lisa T because somehow Laurie and I got lost in the maze of Second and couldn't find our way to the west parking lot.  Lisa got us in the right direction.  I thought it would be so easy to find our way back because Roy and I were once members at Second.  Guess a lot of change has happened since we were members in the late 70's. 
  We made it safely to our cars but passing by the prayer garden there at Second brought back good memories.  My friend Mary Madeline and I went there many a night to pray and seek the Lord.  It was back when two or three girls felt safe to go at night  and talk to the Lord.  I earnestly beseeched the Lord there in that prayer garden.  The design and scenery has evolved through the years but I could still see that garden in my mind's eye when I first came to know Christ.  If we hadn't been on such a search for the parking lot, I would have stopped and taken a picture but now I am glad I didn't.  I did take a picture of the stained glass because, we were parked right there and because I love stained glass. 
Yesterday afternoon, after Bible study, brunch, Target and CVS, I returned home fatigued.  Fatigue for me is different than tired because fatigue tells me something is amiss or I have overdone.  I considered staying home but I took a little nap and felt refreshed and ready to head into town.  Even though traffic was horrible. 
After such a fine evening one would think that this morning I would be drinking my coffee out of my finest cup and saucer.  That I would be dressed for breakfast and considering my sched...ule for the day.  Guess the familiar saying is true, you can take the girl out of the prairie but you can't take the prairie out of the girl. 

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