Friday, January 10, 2014

Ode to the Winter Pedicure

Ode to the winter pedicure; need you, will be happy to have fresh polish and soft feet but oh winter pedicure, what to wear?  Fortunately, it is a warmer type day out here on the prairie, so I can wear flip flops and a pair of boot cut jeans that will easily roll up over my knees. I don’t get too many off season pedicures but I have let these feet go too long without one.  I would take the time this fall to have an appointment scheduled but a change in schedule or an unexpected happening transpired and the appointment was cancelled.  I had even thought of getting a pedi at the Biltmore Spa but once I sunk into those comfortable couches in front of the fireplace and cozy chairs by the window, the thought of a pedicure went right out of my mind.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I also think I just wasn’t willing to be fastidious in leg shaving.  Today is the beginning of the next few weeks of reckoning with dentists and doctors and now nail technician.  I will be embarrassed that Lisa will have to work so hard on my nails but keeping lotion on my feet has been a constant for me this winter.  There won’t be a mini snowstorm of dead skin when she uses the paddle on my heels and the bottom of my feet.  As I crawled into bed last night, actually I kind of Fosberry Flop into bed at night because our bed is rather high, I thought of what color I might like to get.   Of late I have favored the turquoise and blue shades but maybe it is time to shake these nails up. 

On Wednesday evening we had pot roast that cooked in the crock pot all day.  It was delicious and combing two recipes on the internet helped me perfect a flavorful roast.  I added in the carrots a little later than usual, so they were not soft and pliable like usual.  This is a great experience for the person who is mashing up food; everything is looking like baby food, to eat.  Last night, leftovers, so I took the gravy and carrots and heated them on the stove, which made the carrots much easier to eat. 

It was disappointing to learn that the warm house retro floor standing electric fireplace delivery has been delayed.  It’s not really a fireplace but looks more like an old black stove for the reading room.  Bear with me; it’s going to be cute.  The delay is due to polar vortex of last week.  Now that it is summer here in Rancho De Five…I hope to get some use of it.  This purchase is more for atmosphere than heating.  It’s hard to have that reading nook feeling when Roy has Castle or sports on the TV in the family room. 

I did not shake things up with color this morning.  I was immediately drawn to turquoise.  There is good people watching at nail salons.  You have people like me who want minimal conversation and I have a book or magazine in hand.  There are others who desperately need an audience and if one gives eye contact, you will be ensconced in their spider web of gab for the duration of your treatment.  I watched from a distance as a poorly placed young woman fought valiantly to regain her cone of silence.  She did not regain it.  The lady next to me was a whiner.  After getting a mani/pedi she told the tech who had worked on her feet, here is $5.00, you and the other girl split it.  Well Happy New Year and La Te Da!  That is a pet peeve, women who under tip at the nail salon.  It ain’t right.  The nail salon I go to doesn’t rush you in and out and when they are working on your hands or feet you are the focus, not other ladies coming in the door. 
My next task on the list is to clean out my desk, so I better head that way.  This is how exciting things are for Roy and me; we are going to the new Luby’s that opened yesterday.  When he gets home, we are heading over that way.  Yes, life in the fast lane is way too exciting and for that cause I will not continue this post because the waves of jealousy coming from my readers are palatable

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Etta Wils said...

Still laughing Nancy..... How to make hard skin and stubbly legs attractive! I've been carrying a gift voucher since October becauseI can't be bothered with the pre pedi prep. I wish someone would invent a personless system where various inelegant bits of me could be vacuumed off, primped and preened without conversation...