Saturday, January 11, 2014

Checking In and Completing My Word Count

The sky is a nice grayish, pinkish color tonight.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  Warm temps and sunshine.  Where else but Texas; last week freezing and today people dining al fresco at the restaurants.  I was able to sleep in a tad and ease into Saturday.  Roy had Bible study and then errands.  He even made a stop at HEB to pick up a few things.  We made lunch at home and afterwards we went to Office Max to make some copies and buy a few items because we had the 20% off bag that expires today.  I was able to look into several notebooks that I thought might be as good as the ones I love at Target, but the paper isn't as think and the lines are not as thin.  Love a thin line journal.  Roy had planned to ride his Trek but even with warm temps, the wind was too powerful.  So he went with plan B, go to Lifetime.  I worked on Genesis homework.  We are working on Chapter 24 and so many new things jumped out at me.  I know I say it all the time, but this has been the best study.  Since it is such a splendid day to be out and about, I went to downtown Katy to have a look around the KT Antique Mall.  Found a couple of interesting books.  Then made a quick stop at Mimosa Rose and found several items marked down so I got out of there only spending $20.00. 

We just finished up our delicious dinner of sloppy Joes.  Now, we are trying to get things back in order and finish up the little things we started working on this morning.  It has been a good day.  Texting with the girls and Nancy, shopping, getting things done around here, like...finally taking the red tablecloth off the table.  Guess I could have left it on for Valentine's.  I will probably put out Valentine related decorations toward the end of this next week. 

I worked on my 500 words earlier today and this blog post should put me over my goal.  Some days I do blogging for the 500 and other days I journal.  I am leaning toward journaling more because of two very good books I have been reading.  Seems these days if we are going to do anything it should be done with purpose or passion or something.  I'd like to think that some of the silent times are in preparation for purpose times.  I have once again changed my One Word.  After this past week and with a few fatigue times thrown in, which I have not had many of, but persevere might be my final choice or as Beth Moore says it Persa-dang-vere!  I'm leaning toward the Beth Moore version of the word. 

We did make it to Luby's yesterday.  It is so nice to have them in the neighborhood.  I have missed being able to just get veggies for dinner. 

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