Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Continuation of Thought

So I was making the bed the other day and this thought came to me, yes, idols are predictable and controllable but when we are serving those idols or functional gods, we become predictable and controllable.  If you are trying to please someone to get ahead and that has become the center of your thoughts, yep, that would make one predictable.  Same if you are trying to have the best whatever, make the most money, be the most beautiful or smart or musically gifted or funny...PRE-DIC-TA-BLE.  But saying yes to the messy and unpredictable life of faith, well there will be adventure even in the most ordinary or ordinary days. 

I began following this guy who is big in the leadership genre of blogs, Twitter and Facebook.  In the past few days I have had more people start following me because I followed him....follow him wherever he may go  I love him! I love him! I love him! and where he goes I follow...Oops, song.  These people are going to be so disappointed who have started following me because I am not a leader.  Roy says everyone is a leader because we all have people who watch us and might follow our lead.  No, by nature, I am not a leader.  I am more the follower type and no I am not going to sing that song again.  I am gifted to be a second banana and I kind of like that.  Now, I am also a follower who isn't quiet about things when saying or noticing something amuses me but nonetheless, I am a follower.  I like being on a team and believe I have definite gifts to offer.  Who wants adult type responsibilities?  Lately this leadership type guy has been writing about doing the new thing or something fresh and how easy it is to do the same thing over and over and use the same people over and over.  He has good quotes too that I have been putting into my journal. 

Just a couple more chapters in Mrs. Astor Regrets.  Oh my, what an interesting mess the end of her life and after her death has become for her friends and family.  An interesting observation that only 900 people came to her funeral when they were expecting maybe 1400.  Many of her friends had already passed away, many were out of the city in August giving it over to tourists and many did not attend because they didn't want to get caught up in wrangling between the two sides.  But the sentence, there were those who did not come because they didn't have to hold court for Mrs. Astor anymore.  They were bidden to show or come because whatever they wanted from her, held no sway for them now.  I am reminded only when we want or need something from someone who is in the position to grant that something is the only way someone can have control over you.  When you don't want what they are offering, their influence is nil.  What a sad mess.  In the long run the winners here were New York Museums and charities.  I Googled a few things to see how everything played out because the book ends before the trial concludes.  In September 2012 her possessions from two of her homes were auctioned off.  My next fiction read needs to be a little more uplifting but I'm glad I read this book. 

I reviewed my homework last night and I had taken some extra time thinking about what I had learned from studying Abraham.  Another question asked us to cite the verse and give an example of Abraham and when he messed up, God's response.  I could not help but think that when Abraham wavered a little about the promise of an heir and being a father of a great nation, that God gave such a gift to Abraham when He asked Abraham to look at the stars, you can't number them, this will be like your descendants.  I wonder if back then is like today because night time is when we think and worry the most and God gave Abraham a visual to calm his anxieties and worry.  Look at the night sky filled and lit by millions and millions of stars.  The discussion in our core group has been lively and interesting.  I love the insights of the ladies I get to serve. We are a group of young mothers, every stage in between and grandmothers.  I also love that our group knows how to do brunch right.  

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