Friday, January 31, 2014

500 Words of Thankfulness

500 words a day challenge for January is over today.  I have written at least 500 words everyday this month whether it was on my blog or in my journal.  It was a fun challenge because I love to write, whether it is interesting or not,  or if it is edifying or has purpose and of course many blog posts are just a little something about a lot of little events or insights that don't make a hint of sense.  500 words. 

I have been reading several Madeleine L'Engle nonfiction books and several times the theme of approaching life with a sense of wonder and with childlike enthusiasm, has enlightened my way of thinking through challenges or issues.  As adults we reason too much and talk ourselves out of things.  I know I often say to myself, you can’t do that!  Whereas, a child doesn’t know to think or reason themselves out and approaches a piece of paper, word and colors with an unclouded approach.    When I had lunch with my friend Bev yesterday, she encouraged me to approach some of my journaling with childlike excitement.  She had no idea what I had been reading and then thinking through.  Some might be thinking uh Nancy; you don’t need any encouragement with the childlike thing.  No, please don’t confuse childish for childlike.  At lunch Bev showed me some of her work in her mixed media book, she is a gifted artist.  Her words about my blog and writing were so welcomed and such a gift to me.  I can get discouraged.  Then today, Stevie, hairstylist extraordinaire, gave my spirit a lift as she talked to me about my writing.  Both instances, such appreciated gifts of encouragement and words, divine gifts as it were from the Lord.  For this I am thankful.

This morning as the gray sky turned into ashen daybreak, my reading was interrupted by sirens, lots and lots of sirens.  Out here in Rancho De Five, seldom is heard the wail of a siren like in the city.  For almost thirty minutes the steely color of the day was enhanced with the siren alarm and the flashing lights of the fire trucks.  Something had to be happening, but couldn’t find anything on Twitter or Facebook.  The water feature was beginning to fog in and that is when it dawned upon me, that there must be a fire.  The aroma of burnt was infused in the air.  A house across Rancho De Five Blvd was on fire.  A house in the gated section of million dollar homes but happily found out later that the family was able to get out and no injuries.  Well, no physical injuries. 

Roy and I met at Luby’s for lunch and then he did early registration for Costco at their kiosk in Katy Mills Mall.  He had our old cards.  When we moved, we no longer saw any reason to keep our membership.  Now with Costco opening this next week, we await the grand opening and once again access to their delicious roasted chicken. 

Today, now in over 500 words, I once again find myself thankful.  Thankful for so much!  We are blessed!

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