Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sugarboo, CBS and Cynthia Clawson

While casually scrolling through the Nordstrom website, I saw something that brought me great joy.  September, while in Blowing Rock NC at a little store that I have fallen in love with, I was formally introduced to Sugarboo Designs.  Actually in May Dena had bought me one of their writing tablets, but I didn't know it was Sugarboo until later.  Sugarboo has all kinds of designs but I love their paper products.  An email to the company let me know they had a retail site that I could order from since stores around here didn't carry their products.  Amazon carries their art and signs but not paper products.  So, while on the Nordstrom site I saw Sugarboo Designs.....paper products!  Since I had several Nord Notes to use, I ordered up a couple of their products and they should be here the first of next week.  Happy am I!.

CBS began again today.  I have missed my friends over the break.  Since I am still recovering from dental surgery and was not there Tuesday, our teaching director led our core group.  We had a lively discussion, with good points and well thought out questions.  We are wrapping up our study of Abraham and getting ready to keep on moving through Genesis.  If you have a CBS study near you or not too near you, I urge you to go.  Hint, hint, Geni.  We have such a fun group and we are going to do another theme brunch for next week, breakfast food.  I am making Biltmore grits and maybe, just maybe Peggy will make her delicious pancakes like she did for the welcome to the ranch breakfast for Dena, Dana and Emily.  That would be delish. 

I'm reading a good book on journaling.  The insights are new and refreshing and this book has a spiritual bent to it, so the subject is presented in the reflective style of spiritual formation.  There are examples of taking your journaling to a new level and I like that.  Since I am participating in the 500 Words a Day in January, this book helps tackle a subject I am very familiar with and have too many unused journals, for those just in case times, to prove it.  This is when I wish I had the artistic bent to really liven up the presentation and they say you should go with your strengths, so stick people it is. 

I find myself thinking about Vicky, Catha and Crista several times daily.  When they come to mind, they are lifted in prayer.  Louie's service was well thought out and planned, God honoring.  Those who have been close to him and have walked in life with him were there on the stage honoring Louie and his legacy, Beth Moore, Curtis Jones, Bill Heston, Steve Seelig, Micah Dene and Cynthia Clawson.  As Bill Heston put it, a bunch of First Baptist has-beens.  The words were just right, the laughter just right, the tears, just right.  Cynthia Clawson can take a hymn that almost across all denominations is familiar with, Softly and Tenderly and make it dance. Not a upbeat dance, but a dance done privately when we sing to the King.  She sang it accapella, she did all her hand gestures that makes it uniquely Cynthia but mostly, the song was alive.  She didn't sing it like she was leading others in worship, she didn't sing it like this is a song she has sung a thousand times, she didn't explain to us what the song was saying and for this I thank you Cynthia, she sang it as an offering to the Lord and as a comfort for the family and the rest of us were drawn in.  Then when the song was over, she simply walked away.  No head nodding, no fist pumping...just a simple song with words so powerful, many have come to Christ walking to the resonance of those notes and words.

I wish I could find a version without accompaniment.  Beautiful hymn sung for a beautiful servant and life, Louie Duck.  (this version is from You Tube)

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