Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Laid Back Saturday on a Sunday Morning

Time to get in gear again, CBS begins next week.  I worked on homework last night and re-entered Abraham’s world and right into his grief of the death of Sarah.  Even in his obvious mourning he is able to negotiate with the Hittites for a burial cave for his beautiful sister wife, really half-sister wife.  This purchased plot of land is Abraham declaring his trust in God’s promise of the land.  He didn’t take Sarah back to their place of origin.  In the coming years this place held the bones of Abraham, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Leah.

Roy has gone to Bible study and is at the gym right now.  Then he is going to Katy Hardware to get more stuff to wrap pipes and get a little advice.   It is giving me another chance at easing into the day on this beautiful Saturday morning.  I’m excited for more cold temps this coming week.  Roy not so excited as he rewraps pipes and makes sure everything is ok. 

It feels like football overload this week, but we are trying to savor every last moment because it is a long time till August.  I need to take the LSU sign out of the front yard and put it up until the fall and college football return.  Roy is beyond thrilled that Alabama lost.  He is also happy about Ohio State too, but not as much as Alabama.  

Yesterday was beauty beautician day for Roy and me, but not at the same time.  Bonus, I got to visit with Susan Kirby who was at Emmanuel too.  Then HE had a pedi appointment.  I need to go but I’m not quite ready to break the Nazarite vow.   Guess I will this week because I have an appointment coming up.  We also tried Ling’s, a Chinese takeout place.  Liked it, but I wasn’t too wild about the moo gu guy pan but everything else was good.  Roy had been waiting for this other new Chinese restaurant to open by us but when he went in to pick up a menu, he could not get over the strong smell of cabbage and that the prices are rather high.  Things are looking good for the new Luby’s to open soon.  Yes, we have gotten old when one is excited about the possibility of having a Lu Ann Platter a little more often and with our senior discount. 

The only thing missing in my reading room is a fireplace.  I have tried to imagine where I could move furniture in order to make this happen by getting an electric fireplace.  I finally gave up but this morning I saw a electric faux wood burning stove and the dimensions are perfect and it was marked down 50%!  It will be here Thursday.  I have been moving things around today to make space for it.  Too bad it won’t be here for the cold, cold weather on Monday and Tuesday.  Since I can chose whether to use the heat or flame, I can use it year round, on those days when it is overcast and rainy and hot, kind of in the bleak midsummer.  . 

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