Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Falls On My Head

With the warm up this week until Thursday, I felt I needed to post a picture of something cooler than 80 degrees.  This is from Christmas 2010 when it snowed on Christmas Eve and Day, nine inches of snow.  It was wonderful to be in, look at and experience.  It was not so fun trying to drive out of the Estate and onto the Interstate but we did have to spend an extra night because of road closures.  For this we give thanks. 

Life here on the prairie is back to normal and by normal I mean....well, whatever is normal for us.  That means Roy is back at the office, the house is quiet, Buddy is on her second nap of the morning and I am easing into the day by doing some online shopping on Cyber Monday.  Nordstrom is giving 10 points per dollar spent for Fashion Reward Members.  I am taking advantage of that because for the first time since the opening of the store here, I did not register for the Customer Appreciation Night of shopping.  You also get 10 points per dollar spent on that evening.  While you shop there is live music and lots and lots of treats to eat and drink.  That and lots and lots of people, mainly women, who by the end of the evening are hopped up on vino and fancy drinks.  It is a sight but I will not be seeing it this year. 

I am giving serious time and consideration for my One Word next year.  I have whittled down the choices to about five but need to prayerfully approach this.  My word this year is Proceed.  I feel it has lived up to its definition.  On so many levels using the word Proceed helped me make some tough decisions and some easy ones.  Proceed certainly has been the word for me health-wise and I hope to build on this foundation.  Proceed also gives credence to the term "voting with your feet."  Not everything I have walked away from fits in this category. Choir certainly is not included in this because I hope to come back when it starts up again in January. 

Last night Christmas fell onto my head and cut me to the quick.  Yes, really. Since it happened at dusk, Roy was quick to come to the rescue and bind my wound.  Last year at the Brookwood Clearance on outdoor Christmas items, we pretty much cleared them out, metal tree, the word JOY, and red and green metal packages.  We also bought a rustic Merry Christmas sign that came in two pieces.  Because Roy isn't too willing to let me drill a fastening hole in the brick or stone, I had to get all Redneck up in here and go with duct tape.  I thought it would work because Christmas was anchored to an outdoor window sill but silly me, when the temperatures vary, the stickiness of tape gives way.  So as I was trying to remove Christmas from our house, it grazed my head and cut my hand and knocked over a lighted Christmas tree at the door.  I've come up with a more decorative redneck idea burlap ribbon.  We will see if it holds and hopefully doesn't get stolen.  The lights on our hedge are pitiful but our decorating theme style is kind of like a Charlie Brown Christmas.  Most everyone in the cul de sac has big air blown Santa sleighs, snowmen and such.  No, we choose classic Christmas with a not so good DIYer.  In other Christmas decorative news, the rustic wooden pieces attached to a rope for the fireplace is missing an R.  No wonder it was on sale and quickly bought by a doesn't pay attention to details all the time.  Doesn't matter, it is going to stay up and of course you know I am going to try and come up with something to replace that R.  It will be so cute, for sure a pic will be posted. 

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