Monday, December 9, 2013

A Fun Football Weekend

Attending church in the study this morning with a cup of coffee, roasty toasty in the house and in my jammies.  Love that we have a webcast of our services.  Makes taking a sabbatical Sunday not so bad.  I mean taking another sabbatical Sunday doesn't make it feel so bad.  We made the decision late last night to stick around home this morning. 

Yesterday was a very fun football day.  The morning started out with the garage door guy finishing up a few things he wasn't able to do on Friday.  After he left Roy needed about thirty minutes to rest and then we were out the door.  A stop at the cleaners, a visit to K T Antiques, and then a quick stop in at Spec's.  Yes, another visit because we are thinking about making this bourbon pecan pie.  It is funny, we are there looking for the smallest bottle and we are surrounded with those whose carts are full and maybe possibly their lives are empty.  It is a challenge to go in there and it wasn't always that way.  There were those days it was so easy to pull up and go into a liquor store but as we went in, it was an entrance of prayer.  Then as per usual I announce to everyone who is helping me, this is only for baking needs.  They don't care but I do.  We did score an overpriced find of Diet Sierra Mist with a splash of cranberry.  We were pretty excited about that.  Our next destination was the Target on Fry Road.  Yes, were are crazy to go into a Target, on a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas.  But, we are on a mission or maybe it is just my mission.  Most of you know my love of notebooks and journals and no I really don't need another notebook, but Mead doesn't make these particular notebooks anymore and Target is the last bastion.  So being diligent, I have looked online at the Target's in the area to see if they have any stock of these particular notebooks.  That is how we came to visit Fry Road on a busy Saturday before Christmas.  They had one notebook.  So Roy did his job and he is so gifted at this, getting in the correct line.  That Target is still set up with the old design of staggered checkouts, so sometimes it is difficult to see that any of the front registers are open.  We also got to witness a Christmas shopping meltdown in customer service.  Words were flying and most of them would have to be bleeped if I attempted to tell you what this young woman was saying.  I realized then I should enter Target with the same attitude of prayer like when I go into a liquor store.  We left Target and headed straight to Tony's for some comfort Mexican food on a cold day.  Neither one of us usually orders a plate of enchiladas, but we both did just that.  Nothing like a cheese enchilada on a winter day.  This whole paragraph was supposed to be about a fun football day but I guess I felt the need to report in on the morning's activities.  I left out, I found some really cute things at K T Antiques and Roy found a cookie and a good conversation with his favorite lady there, Bonnie. 

Back to football.  Loved watching Baylor beat Texas and win the Big 12 Championship.  Baylor fans should be very thankful for Oklahoma.   Happy that Auburn won. In fact, Auburn went to the National Championship the last time we went to the Biltmore around Christmas.  If they win again this year, someone from Auburn should pay for our visit every year.  Surprised that Michigan State beat Ohio State but again, happy about that.  A good Saturday for football and a good Sunday for football too.  That's only because the Texans had already played and we didn't have to feel compelled to watch, since they are our home city team. 

Roy found the errant bulb in our last string of lights for the front hedge.  So now our hedge has the complete look.  We moved JOY into the walkway of the courtyard because the solar spot lights couldn't work with all the lights on the hedge. 

Something that I realize more and more is that I could possibly be an introvert with extrovert tendencies.   I have settled in the thought this year of wanting to stick around home.  I am never bored here and there are slices of time I love to sit here in the quiet and listen to the wind chimes outside.  But I am also very comfortable with my extrovertness, if that is even a word. 

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