Thursday, December 19, 2013

We Need a Little Christmas But Not This Very Minute and a Stick Figure Family for Sequisha

Last night was my panic point and as panic goes, it was rather mild this time.  Five and a half years of living more on the calm side of life has done its work.  For this I am thankful.  Although before you think of me too saintly, I still get a little cranky in the panic point.  Working on that.  Last night was the culmination of packing, crossing things off the to do list, making sure everything is taken care of and wrapping up a few loose ends.  Now that I have closed the suitcase I'm wondering, did I pack that pair of leggings?  I know I did but I bet instead of going through the hassle of getting the suitcase open after my really good packing job, I will just add some leggings to the mix.  Since we have done the dinning room experience in the evenings at the Inn, when we travel there any other time of year, we pack casual and resort casual clothes cause we aren't doing fine dinning.  I learned that term resort casual at The Grove Park Inn.  I take it to mean clean clothes.  So Roy is packing a suit and I have a festive Christmas dress that really isn't festive or Christmas but when you add a velvet jacket. and boots plus a red scarf..festive Christmas!   Both of us were thrown a bit off kilter because there are a couple of warmer type days in the midst of our stay and the rest of the days look to be the normal cooler to cold temps.  I think we resolved our dilemma.  Hey, I closed my suitcase, that settles it.  Now to pack meds, makeup and the like. 

It is now later in the afternoon.  We left something on a friend's porch which sounds like we left dookie or something but it is a nice Christmassy kind of thing.  Since we will be away from authentic Mexican food for a while, we ate lunch at Lupe's complete with a bowl of queso.  Then we stopped for Roy to buy a Big Gulp but I am telling you here and now, there will be no Big Gulps on this road trip.  Too much PTSD with that.  After a delicious lunch what goes better with a huge Diet Coke?  A chocolate peppermint shake from Chicky, no whip.  We came back home and started back to work but Roy has a button emergency on his winter blazer and since he married a Proverb Route 44 woman, he had to take his jacket to a seamstress who apparently is a Proverbs 31 type.  I used perfectly good tape behind the button but somehow, I don't think he was confident in that.  When he gets home he will be faced with the daunting task of seeing if I broke the printer.  All in all, it has been a good afternoon. 

After nearly being run over by three mini vans in the Target parking lot and two motorized carts inside the store yesterday I have again taken up the crusade to avenge my honor against minivans because these two things are my arch enemies.  So where does one buy stick figure family for the back of the van?  Do they sell them with the minivan? 

Roy was able to fix the printer, so all is well.  Now, I must get back to getting those last minute things and then we can sit back and relax and then go to bed like really, really old people. 

And yes, I added a pair of leggings......

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