Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Re-Cap

Last night after Celebration, the parking lot was wet and fog was forming from the mist and I knew that the prairie would be fogged in on Saturday.  I've watched the fog burn off with a hint of sun and clouds streaking across the sky.  This is the kind of Saturday I love, nothing on a time schedule and no place that we have to be.  Roy will be home from Bible study soon, then he will do a few errands. 

The fireplace guy was supposed to come yesterday and he never showed.  Roy stayed home and didn't go to Celebration just in case he would be making an evening appearance.  Dena and I left early for dinner because of the traffic and rain and so we wouldn't have that rushed feel to get to Celebration for a parking spot.  We tried the Longhorn Steakhouse for the first time and now it is easy to see why the parking lot is always full at the one out here.  Great food and atmosphere.  Sometimes at Salt Grass it is difficult to talk when the joint is jumping and even in the heat of the summer, the atmosphere and furnishing gives a cold feel.  Longhorn has booths and great western d├ęcor, tending not to be rustic, nor does it feel like Ruth Chris.  It is somewhere right in the middle.  Celebration was awesome!  So well done, so well thought through and executed.  I could go back and see it again.  The choir and orchestra sounds so good.  The young kids rocked it, as well as everyone else.  I love the closing talk Pastor Gregg did to tie everything together.   The only thing that kind of bugged me was the black curtain thing that showed up before almost every scene. Afterwards, Dena and I went to see Peggy and Kathleen and then out to the main lobby where we each got to visit with friends.  All in all, a most wonderful night.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Roy awake and watching TV with an early Saturday morning coming up when I arrived home. 

I braved the crowds at La Centerra yesterday for what was to be a quick stop for fleece on sale at Eddie Bauer's for Roy.  Why, there were so many pretty things to look at and I am a sucker for emergency lighting.  All the gear type stuff was on sale too.  I also found a couple of things for me so the quickness that was original to the day, turned into a little longer excursion.  The bravest thing I did that morning was to venture into Target.  The most laid back store, Office Max.  Guess not many would like office supplies for Christmas...well, I know a few who would. 

So, I just got back from La Centerra before the Saturday crowds hit.  I ordered a sweater from Coldwater Creek and somehow at UPS there was a mistake made and the package was handed off to the USPS and is lost in the mail.  Since this sweater figures into Biltmore Christmas attire, I bought a back up one in case they don't find the package and I know that by buying this sweater this morning, that means the package will show up. 

This week while preparing for M&G at Living Proof, I got out the ol' Mildred wig and put it with a few things that are necessary for me to be Mildred.  I had forgotten how much Buddy loves that wig.  She pulled the wig off the bed and was running around with it on her head.  It's really a cute thing to see but I had forgotten this love affair with the wig.  So, I was just doing stuff around the house and out of the corner of my eye I see this big hairy thing scooting across the floor and I screamed and jumped onto the chair.  It's amazing what adrenalin can do since I haven't moved that quickly since 1966.   It scared Buddy and she dropped the wig and my brave cat ran under the bed.  Ah, yes...cold weather and vermin looking for someplace warm is always in the forefront of my mind during winter, whether it be bleak or not.  Thankfully, it was nothing more dangerous than an old lady wig but it was quite the adventure.  Bet the heart monitor thing in my chest sent a HUGE reading to the Dr office. 

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