Monday, December 16, 2013

Picture Re-cap of the Week

Monday morning.  Monday morning after a full and very fun weekend. Actually, all of  last week was fun. 
On Thursday morning Peggy and I went to Living Proof to be a part of their Christmas breakfast for their volunteers.  Mildred and Gertrude are usually complaining about volunteering but this time they wanted to volunteer at Living Proof, specifically.  The thought was M&G would surely fit in if we just showed up and to add to it, neither Mildred or Gertrude recognized who Beth was.  Great fun all the way around.  Then we showed the group our version of getting ready for Christmas on a budget or how to do ministry on a budget.  In all the years we have done Mildred and Gertrude, I don't think Beth had ever seen our gingerbread house, turkey and nativity cookies routine.  I also enjoyed our time there because I got to see friends that I don't see on a regular basis.  Peggy and I had fun catching up with each other on the ride over and then if push came to shove, we worked on our script lines in the car on the way over. 

 We even got reserved parking

Sunday morning we went to church.  This is Celebration 2013 weekend, our Christmas experience/performance.  It was the perfect Sunday morning.  We heard a great sermon on encouraging one another and God's provision.  We were led in worship by worship leaders from all campuses, a rich experience for sure.  On our way out of the building, we stopped so I could take pictures of the sheep.  Y'all know how I am a sucker for lambs.  But, we got an ever better surprise out there in the make-shift barnyard.  

 Claude, our friend from France was in town on business.  He saw us from inside and came out to greet us.  We were thrilled to see him and send some hugs home to his wife and our beloved friend Ria.  They were in the states and lived in THE STATE, because of Claude's job.  They were here for four years and this family has left an impact on all of us and we are much better for knowing and being loved by them.  Truly, I think of the Pelzers everyday and after I wonder what they are doing, I remember the time we all spent together in choir, at church, in their home and with all the rest of their thousands of best friends who all miss them terribly.  Then I pray for them. 
 Please do not be afraid that I have posted a picture of a donkey because I have become a democrat.  No, this little donkey bears precious cargo at every performance, Mary and the Savior of the world.  For a donkey, he is a rather friendly fellow. 
 When I saw this picture that Roy had taken of me with the donkey It reminded me of a picture taken of me when I was 2 or 3 at the Brookfield Zoo.  No, I didn't want to cry when I petted the donkey but the way I leaned over and my hand is almost the same in both pictures.  So glad I got over my fear of petting the animals.  Or maybe I got over my fear of llamas?  Who knows?

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