Monday, December 30, 2013

Meeting Up With Nancy, Megan and Erin

The Christmas/New Year season is beginning to wind down.  We began phase one of packing away outdoors Christmas decorations and lights.  I will begin in earnest putting away Christmas inside stuff tomorrow.  But, we had one more fun day to experience before turning our attention to packing up Christmas, Roy's return to the office and back to a regular schedule for me beginning next week.  This morning we drove out to Kingwood to meet Nancy, Megan and Erin at the Cracker Barrel.  Who knew that Kingwood had a CB?  Well, I guess Nancy did because she suggested it as our meeting point.  We were so grateful that this worked out since we had been out of town and they are heading back home today.  In fact, they should be almost there.  We think our server thought we all might just be a little crazy, crazy fun!  Erin takes after her Aunt Foo Foo with her sense of humor, quick on the feet type thinking and her ability to "work" an on going story.  Erin and I share our favorite phrase...moments, memories, mmmmmmm......  What has become one of our favorite things to do, moments, memories... came from a person who is skilled in stating the obvious. This person will say something so mundane and banal, kind of like the GEICO commercial where they say, everyone knows that, and this person does the pause after saying something obvious for that dramatic effect.  I was on the way to meet the girls several years ago for a Nordstrom fun day.  I happened to be on the phone with this person and they said to me, "Nancy, you are making memories."  Well duh!  Of course we were and when I told the girls at lunch that day about that statement, complete with dramatic pause, we cracked up.  So Erin and I began framing and picturing make memories.  We drive Megan crazy with it but I don't know why she feels this way.  Megan will be graduating from Rhodes in May.  Girl got to be smart to graduate on the four year plan.  She works at the Metal Museum, Google it, in Memphis.  We got to see a picture of one of her first commissioned works of art.  Beautiful, I might add and of course I felt it was appropriate, to show her my Christmas Buzzard so she would know where her artistic talent came from.  
 Roy and I found these great ornaments on our trip.  You probably can't see it in the picture but Erin's ornament says, I'm the Normal One.  Megan's says, I'm the Smart One.  Nancy's says, I'm the Wicked One. 
 Of course we do not think she is wicked, yet it is hard for us to understand why she doesn't want to celebrate Bloody assassination of Caesar Day in March and insists that day should be known for her birthday. 
 A lovely picture of Erin and Megan
A thoughtful gentleman at the CB volunteered to take a picture for us and he thought it would be lovely to pose in front of the fireplace. 

Our time was short but it was so much fun.  Nancy just called to let me know she has tried to use the trip to de-brief the girls from my influence.  On the contrary, she was not successful. 

I wore my new boots this morning.  This is the year of plaid and boots for me.  When I put them on, the left boot felt tight and uncomfortable.  That is so unusual because Born boots and shoes fit like a glove and don't need a lot of breaking in.  Right before we left I made the decision to look into what might be causing the pain...uh, yea, I hadn't taken out the plastic insert.  That would cause pain and comfortableness. 

On our way home we stopped by Kroger and got a few things, then came home to put our purchases away and pick up shirts to take to the cleaners.  After we did that, Roy and I took a ride on the wild side....we drove on the new part of the Grand Parkway. 

This is us on Waze.  As you can see GPS doesn't even have 99 on the map.  We stopped in at T Jin's for lunch and headed home.  I think all the fun, driving, laughing, late nights and early mornings caught up with me this afternoon because all my plans were shelved due to my long two hour nap and the groggy hour afterward trying to wake up.  I don't think I will have trouble falling asleep tonight. 

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