Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Boring Update

Up early once again but this morning I have The Bob Newhart Show playing in the background. I have always enjoyed this show. These past few weeks I have watched more TV than I have in years. Once all the recuperation takes place, TV watching will return back to the normal routine.

Roy thought he would be later getting home last night due to a meeting but thankfully he didn't have to attend and he got home at a normal time. We ate the rest of the leftovers from our tacos on Monday and then we took care of some Christmas gifts and the ever, very fun paying bills. The tamales that Roy bought from a neighborhood child to support for her dance club was delivered last night. They look really good.

I think my field trip to Target yesterday took more out of me than I realized. Then when you add the exercises I needed to do for PT, it felt like a very nap taking kind of afternoon. I ended up going to bed kind of early and not sleeping well, so today I stuck around home. Even when Chris came this afternoon to clean, I stayed here. Buddy and I hung out in the front room napping and reading. Well, Buddy didn't read. My friend Mary Madeline sent me a book by Francine Rivers, Earth Psalms. I love it! I have written before that it seems the hymns that I have always loved the most are nature hymns. It just so happens that Mary Madeline and her husband are at the Biltmore right now and did the candlelight tour this evening. She might come back in the spring to see the tulips and stay with me. She and I are long time friends from the way, way back.

There are a couple of topics kind of rolling about in my mind and spirit and I have no clue if I will ever venture to write any of these thoughts on the blog but it is nice to have things to ponder and wonder about.

Well that's it, I'm kind of boring right now....

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