Monday, December 26, 2016

A Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas and we are pretty darn happy that we don't have to contemplate taking down Christmas decorations and then hauling them over to the storage unit. We learned after our first Christmas in this house we weren't much for trudging up and down the attic steps. We only have a cute reindeer to put away and he might just go back to NC with us when the time arrives. We had a great Christmas with our time wide open and able to do whatever we wanted to do. I finally was able to sample some of the Thanksgiving dinner we had ordered and then Roy froze when we realized Thanksgiving would be in the rehab hospital. So, we had a delicious Christmas lunch. We also went to the new park that just opened by Cinco Ranch High School. It is well done and even has a Frisbee golf course. I had forgotten about the constant breeze out here and nearly got blown over as we walked around for a bit.

On Christmas morning I also started wearing my Fitbit. It's kind of fun and I have set the amount of steps at a lower level as I continue rebuilding strength and stamina. Roy went to church on Christmas morning and well, I slept in once again. As a child I didn't require very much sleep but I can't say that now. I feel like I am finally getting caught up on sleep and rest since the first four weeks of recovery were so chaotic schedule wise. Roy was prepared to make Christmas morning breakfast but we opted to have that this morning and instead had Christmas morning donuts. Ah, the best donuts of the year.

On Saturday we went to the 4:00 pm Christmas Eve Service at Houston's First Baptist. It was packed and since we arrived a little early, we had great seats on the main floor. I wasn't too much in the mood to climb stairs. We also went up to the rehearsal hall and saw choir friends. We left church and drove over to River Oaks to go pay homage to Scary Angel. River Oaks doesn't disappoint with a myriad of lights in trees and on houses....or should I say mansions or as Maxine Messinger used to call them swakendas. We opted out of going to Fu's Garden and opted instead for take out close to home. We dropped off a book at Peggy's, mailbox delivery, and then picked up our food and went home.

Doug gave us a flash drive with home movies on it. Oh my, watching the girls in dance recitals and such so fun. I did get taken by surprise when my mom was on. She was always so much fun. I also watched the Christmas that was at my parent's home in Georgetown, TX. Instead of being involved I sat in a chair to the side and at first I was like, what? But then I remembered this was the Christmas my father didn't want us to come, refused to let us stay at the house and ignored us during the time we were there. It was also the Christmas we gave the girls an Easy Bake Oven, so that activity put him over the edge. Now that was fun. I knew it was best if I stayed subdued and aloof from activities because we would experience another one of those memorable Christmases and I was determined for the girls never to have to experience a Christmas like that. Months later my mom and I were talking and I mentioned that Christmas and my mom asked me never to bring up the Christmas happenings of that last year. She paid a high price emotionally now that I look at it in retrospect. The funny thing we learned later is that my father had asked his Dr for a pill to take the edge off of from our family visit and the Dr replied, maybe it would be better for me to give the family prescriptions to take the edge off of being with you.

This morning we made flight and hotel reservations for Easter. Southwest is back to the early morning/late night non-stops. This time I made reservations at the Holiday Inn by the airport instead of the Express. We will see how that works out. We also looked at flights in February just in case I am released and can go back home.

This morning I have also been online looking at western boots. I don't know why I have a hankering to have some....more. I just might have to order some.

Well, I better get moving. Roy went to workout and we are considering lunch out this afternoon.

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