Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Three Week Report

Something special that has come out of having knee replacements is Roy praying for me each night before he left the hospital and now praying for me before he goes to bed. He takes a moment to settle his spirit, puts his hand on my head and begins to pray such faith filled prayers for healing and for strength. He reminds the Lord what He said in His Word and then Roy thanks Him for such a great provision. As soon as Roy has pronounced amen, he kisses me goodnight. Sometimes he moves on and goes about the things he needs to take care of or he will sit here with me and visit a bit. Something occurred to me yesterday in one of the many naps upon the bed, I don't remember being wheeled into an operating room, I kind of remember Roy walking alongside the bed for a bit. I don't remember the recovery room AT ALL and I don't remember being brought into the hospital room. I do remember they did not start me out on broth and JELL-O but solid food. You see in just about every other surgery or procedure, these are the things I remember but not conversations. In recovery the nurses call your name and start trying to wake you up. They bring those warm blankets. I kind have a sense of being moved into a room but nothing at all this time. Maybe it's because this surgery took longer than any other I have ever had. Roy seems to remember I was in recovery around 4:00 or 5:00. I don't remember them giving me any drowsy drugs but maybe they did and didn't tell me on the way to surgery.

On Wednesday they tried to get me up to begin PT and I fainted. Low hemoglobin and a nurse who would not, even with orders hook me to the pain medication machine, until someone higher up had to get involved. I knew by the Wednesday happenings, I needed Roy or someone with me to advocate care. Roy had to go to the office on Wednesday and it was good Lisa P came by. Roy decided he needed to be there on Thursday because things were being left in the lapse, no bed changes, no clean up or sponge bath for me. He was there listening to the conversations about having two units of blood to help build me up. Those were some very difficult and hard days as time slowly crept by and I felt I was getting further behind day by day. I was afraid that I would no longer qualify for Memorial Herman Rehab Hospital but at some point I came to realize it didn't matter how much I worried it wasn't going to change a thing. They had accepted me, the liaison had come by and saw the amount of work ahead for me. She was confident that MHR could knock it out of the park and get me going. She was so right!  But there was something I was more sure of, everything was in God's hands. He knew the desire of my heart and the request we had brought to Him. From then on Thursday until I left on Saturday, the care was better, I was getting better. I had different PT people working with me and it is so important to gel with those you are working with you.
So, yesterday was three weeks out from surgery. I'm making progress and have welcomed this week at home, not trying to get to out patient therapy. But I have been doing the exercises they gave me and doing everything possible to be ready to begin again with supervision. Last night, in the middle of the night, I transitioned over to the couch. It was 50% successful. When I moved to the couch that is when Buddy decided it would be just hunky dory to sleep under my neck. When she was a kitten, she would do this quite often but as she grew bigger and since I rarely sleep on my back she rarely finds the opportunity. She has loved me sleeping in the recliner and when she found me on my back on the couch, she took advantage. We were drifting off to sleep once again when in true, middle of the night fashion that scares the pee waddling out of me, Buddy moved slightly and when she did, her tail came to rest across my nose. I scream, Buddy jumps off me and as I struggle to get up off the couch picture turtle on its back and can't get up, I see Roy running through the living room in a blaze straight to the front door. He is asking are you okay? Are you okay and banging on the front door with his fists. Uh...yes...but I'm back here not at the front door. Yes, over the years in any true emergency fashion of the middle of the night, a noise, words from his sleep Roy runs to the front door. He did this at our condo too. I dread the day this happens in NC for there will be stairs involved.

Erin came over yesterday afternoon. We dined on Whole Food's finest chicken and tuna salad on cranberry walnut bread, ate both chips and cheetos, sliced oranges and strawberries with orange juice and chocolate chip cookies. Delicious!

Roy was a little late getting home from the office yesterday. Makes the evenings too short.

Well little Miss Buddy is back and sitting on my lap and on part of the laptop. I love these quiet moments with Christmas music playing in the background.

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