Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday And Thursday

Gee, you take a nap and upon awakening you hear your hubby on the phone with computer people or someone like that going over stuff that sounds really, really tedious and boring. This is when I would just go buy a new computer or something. Of course his computer is a rather new computer so who knows. I am just happy that it isn't me having to do all of this. When I started my nap he was talking with the Turbotax people. I do not know if these things are related at all. Hmm...after about 45 minutes on the phone, they just hung up. I've just been informed the icons were too small and this is what he and the guy have been working on. Again, so glad it isn't me that has to deal with this kind of stuff.

Today started with the early appointment at PT. A little bit of stretching and we were off to the races working on squats and balance and climbing stairs and balancing on one foot with no hands and my eyes closed. People, this is scary stuff for this one. Kelly kept saying you are overthinking this and I finally responded, not overthinking but it is pure de fear. For the next week on my own I need to keep strengthening my hips. I found a pair of 3lb ankle weights at Home Goods the other day and that will help me with homework.

Headed home and waited for Roy to get home from a follow up Dr appointment and working out. We went out to lunch and then had a delightfully scary ride to Waller. How people drive on 290 past 99? Well, I guess with all the construction, very carefully. We went to Buc-ees. For once we had time to actually look around the store. We are always in such a hurry on our way to or from Houston when we stop in Baytown. About halfway through our shopping tiredness hit me like a ton of Buc-ees beaver nuggets and we left after making our purchase. Which brings us back to the fact I took a nap this afternoon.
Good Friday morning! Even with a nap yesterday I found myself heading for bed a little before 9:00. We watched Arkansas collapse against Virginia Tech. I think Roy watched some of the Alamo Bowl. This now explains why there were several tables of people in orange at lunch yesterday. OSU was playing in that bowl. Guess the people were on their way to San Antonio.

We might make a trip to Brookwood today. Roy asked me if I thought there would be room in the truck for more since I have done a fairly good job at finding things that will need to make their way home with me. There are also things I brought here that will not go back with me.  I will look for small things. Kelly and I were discussing the next course of action in my rehab and if I haven't met all my goals she is requesting additional sessions for me. I told her not to request too many because we are planning on a February exit to the mountains. It is almost like I need to delete several things and places on FB because they make me so homesick yet the thought of ice and snow keeps my feet firmly planted here on the prairie. Thinking of and missing friends has my heart in the mountains.

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