Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Too Much Fun!

Hmm...I don't know what kind of coffee Roy made this morning but it has blended perfectly with the Bailey's Irish Cream creamer and the coffee tastes like maybe it has been spiked. Of course it hasn't been but it sure tastes like it.

Yesterday certainly was a lot of fun. Lisa and I met at Taste of Texas for a very fun and fabulous lunch. I arrived a few minutes before 11:00 and the parking lot was already packed and the entry way hummed with excitement. We had a great table in the corner in one of the little side rooms. I forgot how much I love their salad bar. It has been a while since I've been there and it is one of my favorite places to go. Of course we came for steak and mushrooms because we wanted to remember one of our lunches this summer when Lisa was in NC. We went to Bogart's in Waynesville. Had steaks but I don't think I have ever walked out of a restaurant feeling so full and miserable. We paced ourselves yesterday and I am happy to have leftover steak for lunch today. We did the obligatory pictures at the table and in front of the fireplace. As we left the building and returned to the chilly temps of outdoors the man driving the golf cart around the lot picking up passengers talked to us for the longest time. He asked us right off the bat how long we had been friends. We don't remember when we became friends but it was in the early 90's we think. This is the second person to ask us this year. Let's face it, we have a great time together. In contrast the table beside us were four friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time. The one lady who organized it seemed rather excited with preps and gifts but everyone else seemed a little less enthusiastic about it. They did the "correct" thing by ordering salads and maintaining as they each shared little snippets about their lives. Good night nurse! Maybe they hadn't been that close after all or they might have all been of the serious ilk. I don't think they had nearly the fun Lisa and I had. After we finished our long lunch and we left the parking lot, I headed over to a store to pick up a gift. Then I headed home and once here went straight into nap mode.

Roy made his delicious spaghetti last night. I was still kind of full from lunch but had a small portion.

This is my fifth week out from surgery. The shower chair has been removed from the shower. Surgical pain is gone, I mainly ache from workouts so that is a good thing. My stamina is increasing but not as much as I would like. I'm still working at getting out of a chair without using my arms. I can get off a counter barstool, so my problem is with lower seats and chairs. My stair work has improved a lot. Each week gets better and better. So thankful for the Lord's hand on my recovery and healing.

Well there are things to take care of before leaving for PT so I better get started.

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