Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Much Needed and Looked Forward To Saturday At Home

It is good to be home. It is good to begin this portion of the journey. The last twenty four hours were hard and didn't go according to plan, but it all worked.

Just like each morning in rehab, the day begins a little after 5:oo am when they take vitals and apply pain patches. Then you are left with an hour or so to go back to sleep or begin your morning grooming. Around 7:00 am they take more vitals and then you either go to breakfast or eat in your room. The dining room was so chaotic and noisy, so most mornings I ate in my room. Yesterday, there was more of a spring in my step and I actually got ready like usual, not like rehab ready which consisted of brushing my hair, teeth, applying deodorant, and apply lotion. The Dr had so kindly filled out the paperwork the night before, the pharmacist went over prescriptions and meds and then the nurse went through your release papers, think sign here, here and here...initial here.  I was then ready to go to the gym and do my final required thing, ring the bell signaling I had passed and graduated to the next level in this recovery. Funny thing, all haired and makeup upped, they didn't recognize me at first.

We then headed over to Dr Smith's office where the waiting room was packed. I believe they saw 22 patients who had had surgery during the past few weeks. We were there a long time, but when I saw the x-rays of new knees, it was so worth it. Also getting the staples out. Dr Smith was blown away by the progress I had made. Next week out patient therapy will contact me and we will get all that scheduled. I might wait a week before starting to get off pain meds as well as help Roy out timewise. That week also might give me the time needed to be able to drive so I can get over there. I am motivated and find myself doing my exercises subconsciously while sitting around.

After Dr Smith's office, we celebrated at Tony's, fajitas for Roy and cheese enchiladas for me. By this time we were starving and I was exhausted. We ate quickly and then headed home. At first Buddy did not know what to think of the walker, which after watching a few Will and Grace episodes yesterday I decided to name my walker, Karen Walker. She finally came around after investigating it and deeming it safe. She was in my lap. Roy's fun was just about to begin as he went on an adventure to find a pharmacy that stocked my pain meds. CVS said they could get them on Thursday. Uh no, wasn't going to work. He called around and found a Walgreen's that could help us. So, he was off to get the prescription filled, went to prayer time at his church, returned and picked up the pills and brought some dinner home.

After we ate, I went through the tons of mail that had piled up getting rid of catalogues and the like. Roy put together the shower chair and brought stuff in from the car. I hit the wall around 10:00 and would love to say I went right to sleep. I did sleep some but could not get comfortable. I am so thankful that I found that website for people who share their stories of bilateral knee replacements. Reading about and then getting a recliner was a great decision. Funny though, I am taller after replacements and my ankles hit the edge of the recliner now. Pillow to the rescue, made it comfortable.

Around 3:00 am I got up and moved in here. Put Hulu on I Love Lucy. Took pain meds, read a little bit and then fell asleep. Meanwhile tired Roy was up and down with me throughout the night. Good news is, I can get into bed by myself and I can get out. It is the moving off the edge of the bed that is difficult for me. It will all come.

While going through the mail, Roy brought me a box that had been delivered. It was from Brenda and inside the cutest story she had written about the penguin she had sent me. Buddy of course investigated the newest addition to our household. Roy had brought home the turkey she had sent me from the rehab hospital and Buddy had found where he put it. She commandeered it as her own and dragged it around the house for a couple of days. Thankful, she did not rip the face off.

Roy has returned from the Kroger loaded down with groceries. He brought me a little rubber ducky as a surprise.  Buddy is up from her nap. I am so thankful for friends who continue to pray for us and I used the restless night to pray for friends facing surgery in the coming days, facing decisions and plans for their health future. I prayed for those near and far, friends participating in Celebration both on stage and behind the scenes.

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