Friday, December 23, 2016

Sleep Comes So Early

Last night I made it till 8:30 and woke up at 6:30 am. Gee, I guess I needed some rest and sleep. Physically, I did not feel tired even though we cranked it up a bit in PT, but no, it was more like I could not keep my eyes open as the sleepies overwhelmed. Roy was a bit shocked because he is usually the first one to bed. Sleep is becoming more restful as the days go by because I am not in pain like before. The only thing that seems to hamper good sleep is when I have slept too long in one position and I need to stretch out those new knees.

I had my only late PT appointment in this series yesterday. I was kind of worried I might be too tired for it but it worked out well. I was able to get up without using my arms and hands off the mat. It still takes a little time if I stop and think about it. I haven't been able to replicate this daring feat off of soft chairs and couches. Lots of strengthening exercises and I did lots of stair work. An early appointment is left for this week and then two appointments next week, then a week off because the PT office is moving to the new professional building next door. I have one more week scheduled after they move. I anticipate that I might be released at that point. I will probably know more about that after a follow up appointment with my Dr. If you ever have a knee replacement or bilateral knee replacement, do the exercises and be diligent to do them at home. It helps...a lot. There were things I did well yesterday that I had not worked on but the effect of the other exercises influenced abilities. One thing they said yesterday is now I need to work on increasing my cardio. Glad we have a recumbent bike but I also need to go over to 24 Hour Fitness and see if they have a sitting elliptical  trainer.

Peggy dropped in for a bit yesterday and we exchanged Christmas. She made me this great calendar with scenes from her trips to NC and of our house. I love it and it will find a home on my project desk. Today Lisa P and CourtneyS are coming out here. I am so thankful for friends who have made the time go by quickly with visits and calls. Well, except for the two visits that Peggy made at the hospital...cause every time she was there I threw up. That was just coincidence and a funny one at that.
Well, it has been several days since blogging. On Wednesday night I couldn't even make it till 8:30 and went to bed around 8:00. Last night I stayed up till 9:30. Wow, a late night.

Wednesday CourtneyS and Lisa P came out to the prairie. Such a fun afternoon as we shared laughs and solved world problems over Mexican food at Alicia's. I think I like their cheese enchiladas better than Tony's. Fun takes energy so when they left I took a nap. A short one.

Yesterday I had 8:00 am PT. Kelly was running a little late but she made up for it in intensity. We did whole new sets of exercises and began working on me returning to the mountains. We did reverse treadmill, not at a very high speed because I was a little freaked out over it. She is diligently trying to rid me of bad habits I picked up over thirty five years of living with really bad knees. I also did lunges which I cannot tell you the last time I ever did any of those.

I stopped at Target on the way home. It was crowded but not too bad. I picked up a few things and then headed home. Roy's office got off at noon but he had a couple of meetings before he could leave. He stopped at Memorial City Bakery for some Christmas cookies and then came on home. Then he was off to workout. We spent a nice quiet evening at home. Even though we are home together every night, one of us needs to go to bed early because one has to get up early or one has no energy left. Last night we watched TV together and talked about all kinds of things. I even got a compliment on my hair and believe me those moments are to be cherished because those hair compliments are few in number.

We are excited to see Nancy and Megan this afternoon. Erin will be at home sleeping because she is working four nights in a row. I think of several nurses that worked over the Thanksgiving holidays that took care of me and other patients at the rehab hospital. I was so grateful for them and the care they gave.

I got such a nice surprise on Wednesday, a package from one of my favorite shops in the Hazelwood area, Haywood Soap Company. My Sunday School class in NC sent me lotion and soap. Now I have another reminder of the place I love so much and really call home. Having these things around I work hard to be able to get back on the time table that we feel is realistic for me. Stairs are becoming easier so that is huge progress. Yesterday I received a beautiful throw from a friend in my Sunday School class and such a meaningful note. So unexpected and I will treasure it always.

For the new year coming up I am working on my word for the year. Last year I picked ful so I could add a prefix before the ful, like playful, grateful, prayerful. I think I have a word in mind but praying and searching just in case there is a word better than what I picked for this upcoming year.

We have been listening to the five days of Christmas on KHCB and I have heard so many Pageant songs from years gone by...even the little boy who is probably in his 30's now that memorized the Christmas story from Luke. Good songs, good memories.....

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