Saturday, December 17, 2016

Easing Into Saturday

I was raised to make my bed. You got out and immediately began adjusting the covers and pulling them up to the pillow, then the bedspread and put pillows or stuffed animals on made bed for decorative purposes. It was so ingrained by my mom and even when she was in the throes of Alzheimer's she always made her bed. I started not making my bed in NC. I wasn't upstairs that much, so I didn't see it. Then I came across an article stating that making the bed each day might be overrated and after some testing it was found that beds left unmade with the covers pulled back was better for your health. Letting air get to the sheets and covers was good. There are those in the opposite camp who believe a made bed sets the stage for the day and I totally understand that, but living outside the box with this whole make the bed thing has been good for me. You can still hear from time to time those who believe that making the bed goes hand in hand with your quiet time. Again, outside the box here...I just don't see it working for my life. I know there are those who are super disciplined and love having that structure but me, not so much. I have a hard time committing to devotional books that have the month and day set up for you. How do you know that December 15th entry is meant for your day, what if April 29th fits your circumstances? Then when we have perfected, well to the best of our abilities, our schedule and the way we do life, we want to share it, you help others. But what if it's just boils down to positive re enforcement that we are doing okay and pleasing God with our efforts. Sometimes having set times is good and fun but it can squelch the serendipity aspect of life. This might be too erratic for some.

Since writing this the other day I finally convinced Roy to put the bedspread back on our bed. He had taken it to the cleaners several months ago and liked not having to mess with a spread. Thursday night the quilt returned to its proper place and now with all the added color that makes the room bright, I will probably start making the bed more often.

On Tuesday morning I went to Target and that little hour shopping trip took me two days to recover. I tried to be efficient and not going all over the store but it did take a toll. Yesterday morning I had PT and once again we worked hard on strengthening my muscles so that I can do things normally. The hardest thing for me right now is getting out of a chair without using my arms. It is hard, hard work. I did do that a couple of times yesterday but nothing all in a row. When I finished up there I headed straight home because my brother and I were having lunch. We had a great visit and a great lunch at Carabba's. We were trying to find a place that might not be filled with moms and kiddos since there had been an early dismissal yesterday for the Christmas break. When Doug left I took a 30 minute rest and then I was out again to La Centerra for my haircut. I came straight home and crashed. It had been a fun but tiring day. Bill and Peggy dropped by last night. She is picking up a giftcard for me in The Galleria as she is brave enough to make that trip today. Good luck Peggy! One of my favorite movies was on TCM last night, The Best Years of Our Lives but I finally gave up trying to watch it and went to bed.

Now I am easing into this Saturday morning. I'm enjoying Christmas coffee from Smoky Mountain Roasters. Buddy has settled in for her first morning nap.

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