Monday, December 5, 2016

Beginning The New Normal

A rainy Sunday morning in Rancho de Five. The tree in our backyard just a couple of weeks ago looked like it was just barely hanging in there but with the rain over the past week or so, has come back once again. When we first moved in, this tree had a tremendous amount of stress and each evening we would water and care for it as our area managed to get through the last part of the drought that had controlled the weather for quite sometime. I noticed yesterday that some of the trees on the green space next to us have quite a few bird nests.

Last night was a much better night than Friday. I slept in the recliner and slept hard till about 3;30 am. Then I dozed off and on with the addition of Buddy to my lap. Roy decided he would play sabbatical from church this morning. I am so glad he did because he has worked hard at the office and he has worked hard taking care of me. He needed the rest.

The neighbors behind us have broken the trend out here in beigeland of white Christmas lights lining the outline of the roofs and they have gone with multi colored lights. The view from the recliner through the windows I can see a small portion of the lights. Very festive and relaxing in those 3:00 am moments.

It seemed ironic that the last night at rehab the PNA was the same one I had the first two nights. She is a little rough in her care and I constantly had to make sure my feet and legs weren't being run into the wall as she maneuvered the wheel chair. Maybe in her own way, her impatience and roughness inspired me to get to the place where I could do a lot on my own because it was tough. That's the thing when it come to caretaking, I think we observe those who are rehabbing and make a decision that they might be moving kind of slow but it is an unsure thing. That is the thing that bothered me the most, many just thought if they pushed or moved your legs, you would go faster...uh no cause it hurts. That last night there the PNA was stationed in the hallway near my door. She coughed all night long and it was a note to self kind of thing, make sure there isn't a reason to have her come in, even though on an average visit by staff, 3-4 sets of latex gloves would be used.

The Christmas pics of families and children are especially good this year. What cuties! The out take pics are delightful as well. My long time friend Mary Madeline is a lover of tea and family. She prepared a tea for the girls in the family, along with the other Mimi's. Oh my goodness, the tables were beautifully laid, the treats and dainties looked delicious and everyone in attendance had a Christmas glow that could not be contained. How fun that Mary Madeline has such wonderful memory making fete for young and old, boys and girls.

Our taco soup turned out very good last night and Roy makes some great cornbread. Think we are opting for ordering Chinese for lunch today. Orange chicken will be my choice. Roy is going over to Whole Foods to get some peeled and sliced oranges for me this week and a few other Whole Food treats.

Living the new normal this week and we will see how it all works out. I do know that new normal will be adjusting everyday.

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