Monday, December 19, 2016

Hunt Retreat, Brrrr....and Little Things is below freezing out here on the prairie. In fact it was colder here yesterday than in NC where we live. The wind cuts right through you and the feel of cold moisture hitting against your skin made the journey to whatever warm place you were seeking a little faster. Operative word little for me cause I'm not able to really move fast yet, but that fun and wonderful day is coming.

I had thought about going to church and LBS yesterday before going out to Hunt Retreat with Dena for Dayspring's Christmas Party. My level headed side made the decision I should just keep it to party attendance and that was the better decision. Dena came here after church and she brought cookies from Memorial Bakery. Just that morning I gave a thought toward cookies from there and trying to think when I could make it in town to get some. For my NC friends, these are rodeo cookies I brought back last year. Dena offered to drive but height is my friend, so we went in SequishShawn. I haven't been out to Hunt Retreat since they tore down the old house and buildings and built a fabulous retreat center. Oh my, it is so well done. The furnishings and decor are perfect for the setting. Too bad it was so cold cause it would have been nice to sit out on one of the porches. We had Dozier's BBQ for lunch and then we sat around in the big gathering room and sang Christmas carols. Joan Brunson who was the church pianist for over fifty years played the piano for us. Her memory isn't as good as it used to be but not in those magical fingers stroking the ivories. Her son led our singing and he said we would have to watch it or she would default to her favorites, Amazing Grace and Old Time Religion. Carolyn, Director of the Class and Darlene, Assistant Director, planned a lovely afternoon for us. I loved getting to see all the cows huddled together around the hay on our drive there. Made me miss my cows across the street and hope that when we return there will still be cows. Lots of land in the area is being sold to developers building homes. Hunt Retreat used to be way out in the country but now it is eight minutes from our Katy home. I could not believe all the new buildings and shops in Fulshear. I think it has been over a year since I have been out that way.

It might be cold but the sun is brilliant this morning and reflecting off of windows and making our living room filled with beams of light. I keep adjusting how I sit so the beams aren't hitting me directly into my field of vision. In my narrow field of vision between the two houses behind us, the clouds have been putting on a spectacular show in the mild blue sky. I am so thankful for these moments of time. Right now I feel like I have a good mix of staying at home and getting out. Each day feels like progress is being made. I don't feel surgical pain, my stamina makes little gains each day and the ache I feel in muscles while not particularly fun, those aches are welcomed because it is a sign of progress. Strengthening the knees that are feeble and the hands that are weak.

Before I close out this post I am reminded of something. I am a nerd for quotes especially doing the small or little things in life. When I saw Carole Lewis yesterday I was once again able to thank her for her visit and lunch at the hospital. Roy and I saw her visit as a turning point for me. I was discouraged, not enough hemoglobin to do PT, waiting for blood transfusions, and praying I would be accepted in the rehab hospital. I couldn't stomach the food at the hospital and felt weaker each day. Then Carole came on the scene with lunch, encouragement and Round Top goody. Carole and I are not everyday friends, we love one another and enjoy each other's company. We keep up with each other's adventures on FB. It meant so much to me for her to come and visit. Her words gave me hope. Her lunch gave me much needed protein. She told me yesterday she felt compelled to visit and I am glad she followed that leading. Such a little thing to come visit but it was a big thing in my recovery. I did not look back after her visit. My prayer is to be like Carole and follow those leadings, to be present and what might seem like such a little thing, be diligent because God can and will use it.

Well, I'm off to get ready for the day. As always thanks for reading.

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