Tuesday, December 6, 2016


This morning, right here in the living room, I was treated to a wondrous display of lightning flashing and charging through the skies. The lightning didn't seem to be that close and while I watched in reverence, the notice came through on FB that there was a message from Ria, way over across the ocean in Amsterdam asking me why I was up so early on a Monday morning. New normal is all I can think it is but we had a good time messaging for a little bit. When you add that last night I began transitioning from my walker to my cane...there was much joy. I told Roy since I had watched so much Will and Grace lately, I was naming my walker Karen, after Karen Walker on the show. Roy left for the office and I decided to try and take a morning nap on our bed. Success! I was able to get up on the bed without trouble, find a comfortable position and fell fast asleep. I awoke kind of started because I couldn't place where I was...and then I remembered. I do believe I am on a Buddy type schedule; complete with early, mid and late morning naps and then repeated for the afternoon. I'm awake in the night and doze off occasionally.

We have had a bit of a mystery going on and we think we have come to the end of it without knowing too much more. Last week American Express called Roy asking if he had placed an order with Victoria Secret online? No, he hadn't, I hadn't...so someone had gotten ahold of his info. He got a new card from them and it wasn't until yesterday while going through some things he had put on our church pew in the entrance way that I found the VS package. It was activewear pants and jacket...in the Pink genre. When he got home I showed him the invoice and clothes. He called VS and an account had been set up which they quickly marked as fraudulent and asked him if he could return the merchandise. He then called Am Ex to talk with their fraud division and they told him that several other attempts had been made to order things but have them delivered to a different address.

So I am noticing I am picking up a few more physical characteristics of my Grandma D. When most are dealing with thinning eyebrows while aging, mine are thickening up and turning black, just like Grandma. I do not want this at all. I mean if I ever have to go to live in assisted living, I will be one big uni-brow with a mustache. Not an attractive look.

Last night I had fun phone conversations with Lisa and then a little later with Dena. I'm laughing and talking loud, which brings Roy to the rush of checking in on me yet when he is in the room with me and I am struggling with a task or I have hit the wall physically, there is something on TV that has his attention and I barely register a glance. He and I laughed about this later, you know after I took my shower and meds, when I felt much better.

This morning I had Christmas music from Dish playing in the background. I went with Traditional and heard a lot of Frank, Dean, Johnny Mathis, big band, Rosemary Clooney and Peggy Lee renditions of very familiar and some not so familiar Christmas music.
Yes, the familiar asterisks means another day has dawned. Monday was a good day but as the afternoon turns into the evening, my energy level depletes faster than I want it to. I used the cane most of the day. I iced my knees and ankles, did the stretches, and a bunch of other exercises for me to do. I also read and got some notes written. Today, Erin is coming over around lunch time and I am looking forward to seeing her. The sun is out and it is a beautiful day. I got a bunch of cards in the mail from NC and those notes always make me so happy and are so encouraging. Cards are my love language.

Once again the new normal took over the morning. I woke up when Roy did, around 4:00 am. Had a cup of coffee or two and then washed white clothes, which reminds me those clothes now need to be put into the dryer. I watched a little news and then turned over to a Christmas music station. Around 6:00 am I took my first nap of the day with Buddy on the bed. I don't think I am at the place yet where I can make it a whole night in bed because I get uncomfortable quicker there than I do in the recliner.

Roy made his delicious tacos last night for dinner and I think we are having them tonight as well. That's about it for now. I better start my morning grooming because I am sure a short nap will be involved somewhere in there. So glad Erin is a late lunch-er.

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