Sunday, December 18, 2016

Scary Angel Update, Cold and Home

Back in 2007 I wrote about Scary Angel here. Every Christmas we would make the annual drive by to see her. Since I spend most of my time in North Carolina now I would ask at Christmas, is Scary Angel still around and I was always happy to hear the good news she was.

This morning I was going through email and saw I had a comment on that December 17, 2007 post. And much to my delight and surprise the comment is from a person who lives in the house with Scary Angel. She said they consider her to be scary as well but beloved. I think she is right! She also mentioned that angel has had an upgrade since these pictures and I seem to remember noticing that the last time we did an angel driveby. I am hoping that we will get a chance to drive over to River Oaks and pay homage to this icon of Christmas outdoor decorating.

It is colder in Katy than at home in North Carolina. The wind is whipping about and the trees are moving in synchronized time. The wind chimes are giving great background music this morning. Roy has gone to church and the church has lost power...not Holy Spirit power but electrical power. Hopefully there will be enough people to generate some heat. I will be bundling up today. When I was at PT on Friday, Kelly and I talked about the fact that I am so cold most of the time now. I usually run hot and when everyone else is freezing I am basking in the delightful cool. Not so much here of late. Someone told me that when they had a blood transfusion that they found themselves allergic to seafood and they hadn't been before. I wonder if the two units of blood in me came from someone who is prone to being cold. Who knows. Kelly said it could be possible but she said more likely it is from the vast amount of anesthesia used in surgery and my body is still fighting to rid itself of that and to acclimate to having more titanium in the ol' body.

Yesterday after Roy had run all his errands we went to Red River BBQ. I have been thinking about their fried shrimp for several weeks. It is fried in corn meal which makes it taste like fried shrimp I remember from childhood. They have great sides at Red River, so it was difficult to make a choice but I went with onion rings and coleslaw. Roy went with BBQ but he got several shrimp and a hushpuppy to fill out his lunch.

I am hooked on the book I'm reading, "Love, Alice." I can only read small bits at a sitting because I tend to get sleepy. I have several good books on the TBR pile and look forward to working my way through that stack.

My brother asked me the other day if I was chomping at the bit to get back to NC. I think he was surprised with my response, of no, not yet. The three months I had for prep before surgery not only included physical activity to try to be ready but also mental and emotional prep. Realistically, February would be the first chance for me to get back for several reasons. I know I cannot give energy pining away when that energy can be put to good use. So yes, I am looking forward to getting back home but at least for now content to be here recouping. Now the first of February, I think there might be some anxiousness to return sooner than later. I changed my profile pic on FB to the scenic view from our front porch. That view never gets old to me.

Before falling asleep last night I watched The Song of Bernadette on TCM. Never had watched it and found it so interesting.

Buddy has found a warm place and I have too now that the fireplace is going. I'm thinking of my friends who are presenting the choir Christmas music at Newfound this morning and I am thinking of my friends at church. I am so fortunate to be blessed with good friends both here and there.

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