Saturday, December 10, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Good Saturday morning from the prairie. Overcast but not dreary. I'm writing from the couch this morning. I started a post on Thursday and I will probably cut and paste some of those thoughts into upcoming blog posts. The world and my view is a bit myopic since it has mainly revolved around being inside of these four walls.

Thursday afternoon Peggy came over with our supper. She made vegetable soup and these lemon cookies that are out of this world good. So thankful for the timing on this. Roy had such a late night Thursday. We have done a good job of planning prepared meals here and mixing in a few pick up dinners. Unlike the hip thing in January, this didn't catch us by surprise, so we were able to plan but sometimes plans fall through. Glad Peggy had our backs for dinner that night. The soup was delicious!

Joy and fun came bursting through the front door yesterday in the form of one Lisa P. She came bearing Lupe's for lunch, We spent the afternoon laughing and talking. When Roy got home from the eye doctor, he joined us too. What a blast! The day was such fun. It wasn't too soon after Lisa left that I began fading quickly and found myself in bed ready for sleep at 7:30. I slept well until about 10:00 and I woke up with knees aching and screaming at me a bit. I got up to go to the bathroom and Roy would meet me at the bed to give me my meds...only thing, he couldn't figure out what I needed. I have to confess, I lost my temper and got upset that he couldn't find the simplest thing along with the description of what made the med bottle look different from the rest. I made it over to the meds and quickly, without much effort found the bottle. And then I became the inquisitor asking Roy why he couldn't see the difference in the bottles. Of course Roy isn't going to answer me, he clams up and I would too if I were being questioned. I apologized quickly to him. The pain, tiredness and lack of sleep the past few nights bundled together and I fell into the trap. On the bright side, we did not hold any grudges and realized we needed a better system so that Roy can actually help me in some state of crisis. I took my meds and went back to bed. The good news is I stayed there all night! I didn't feel the need to get up and go to the recliner. It did me a world of good, so I am hoping for a same result tonight, sans the I need my med blowup by me.

Think we are going to try a field trip today. I might do a little driving to work myself back into shape driving wise. I have to because I begin out patient rehab on Monday. I've been doing my exercises and I don't believe I will have a problem getting in and out of the truck. Stamina is what I am working on too. I am worn out by 6:00 pm because of the exercise and of course daily life.

One of the great benefits of spending an afternoon with Lisa P is the depth and consideration of conversation. We were talking about an opportunity that has fallen into her lap and she is hesitant to the time and idea. It is not a question of whether she is talented enough to do what she has been asked but the direction and time. Which brought up an invite she has received to participate in a WM thing at a church in Cypress wanting to help women find their talent and gifts and to be comfortable with them. Not only comfortable but to be used by God. The other two women in the series are talented by one being a potter and the other a painter. Of course I always have an opinion and sometimes the opinion overflows before I can stop it but a potter, painter and singer...come on church, think outside th box. Yes of course, love the idea but in reality out of the women attending the study the percentages are not there for having a potter, painter and singer not knowing their giftings in the audience. It seems to me women need help in seeing their talents and giftings in everyday, mundane life and being willing to use them in everyday, mundane life. I never realized until moving to NC the emphasis of a "stage" ministry being so prominent here and rather nonexistent there. It seems there ministry is ministry and not a point to begin building a platform and building your tribe. No...people are doing the work of God, in and out of the church to serve Him, not build a ministry. Because as Roy says once you step on the stage, you can like the separation it brings while at the same time it brings a type of togetherness. But stage stepping makes ministry not so messy by having to get your hands dirty and maybe actually become involved with people and their messy lives. Most can't do it but I think Beth Moore is the best at it, using social media and yet staying so close and involved with women she ministers to. Oops, I have gone down a bunny trail, Back to talent and gifts...if more emphasis found its way on everyday blessings, I think there would be a lot more content and happier Christians doing all that behind the scene stuff that makes life grand or bearable. If I was here when the Bible study began, I would only go to hear Lisa cause she is my friend. The others, not so much. I appreciate their talent and gifts and might find myself a bit envious. But it has been will remain done...and in a couple of will be done again. Funny even, I remember when I was on a church staff I had to find a potter for a thing just like this.

 By the look of FB, Celebration's opening night at Houston's First Baptist Church looked to be a hit last night. Loved seeing the pics of friends in and friends attending the experience.

The past few weeks I have watched more TV than I have in years. Thursday morning I discovered on the Sundance Channel that the old Mary Tyler Moore show is on Thursday mornings for several hours. I am more excited that Bob Newhart Show is on Wednesday mornings. It has been years since I have watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show and I am realizing even more so how cutting edge it was for the time. A couple of funny quips were pretty much "on" even now in the 21st century. When I really started watching these shows in the long ago, they were on Saturday nights. If I didn't have a date and sometimes when my roommate didn't have a date, we would make a cheese, cracker and fruit plate and watch Saturday night TV. My roommate was more of a Mary type while I reprised the role of Rhoda. It is kind of fun watching these episodes this morning. I think back in the day I wished I was more like Mary but you know in hindsight, I'm glad I'm not. Mary cares too much about what others think, she is overly protective of her thoughts and feelings, Rhoda was a better friend to her than she was to Rhoda, and her job took on too much importance in how she saw herself. Also in these episodes there are quite a few character actors that later on were in sitcoms where they had more of a recurring role. I am looking forward to the Bob Newhart Show next week.

I have an ease into the morning pace today but I should get moving. I need to be ready for my field trip.

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