Sunday, December 11, 2016

Field Trip Day Two

A Sunday afternoon nap was just the ticket. And it came after my second field trip of the weekend. The past few days were downright bone chilling but today it is warm and muggy and humid. Oh just like all the Houston Christmas seasons can be. The sky, overcast, so it looks cold outside.

Yesterday our field trip was to Carabba's and then over to Whole Foods. Lessons learned from field trip one, use the walker in crowds and with lots of walking, not the cane, figure out how to get the lidocaine patches to stick and pace yourself...stamina is not back all the way. So today on our field trip to Barnes and Noble and then over across the way to Escalante's for brunch, we took my walker to use in the bookstore. I wasn't nearly as worn out. I hit pay dirt on the magazines I was looking for. I had a 25% off coupon and a $10.00 gift card to help defray the costs. Brunch at Escalante's was delicious as usual. We then headed home and changed out the air filters. Roy went to workout and I took a nap. It is all good.

For the past few days we have been searching for my glasses that I got this summer. I changed out to my old pair for after surgery and during rehab because they are sturdier. I remember taking off my glasses and putting them in their case and placing the case in a basket close to the red chair in our front room. On Friday I began the search for the glasses and they were nowhere to be found. I was beginning to get a little freaked out and Roy and his trusty flashlight began helping me search every nook and cranny. Yesterday, we began a new and Roy asked me if I had prayed about finding my glasses? Well, uh, kind of thought about it, but no. So I prayed and as the day turned into evening I told Roy I could not freak out about the glasses and I would just have to trust the Lord we would find them. Today we checked the truck and once again around the red chair but nothing. This afternoon while folding clothes I looked across the room and on top of a small table was an old glasses case probably from circa 2005. I opened it and low and behold, there were my glasses. Now how they got in that case instead of their rightful case that we found in a drawer. Probably in haste one of us changed out the glasses for the sturdier case but neither one of us can rightly recall if it was us. So there you have a boring story of the case, haha, of the missing glasses.

Tomorrow I began outpatient rehab. It is an exciting day.

Oh happy day the frother we ordered came today. I'm getting ready to froth up some milk for coffee or for hot chocolate. All of Roy's love for gadgets is rubbing off on me. He is dubious of this latest thing but I have reminded him I felt the same way when he ordered what seemed like a million thermometers for the house and for the garage.

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