Friday, May 1, 2009

Energy Shots for an Apathetic Spring Cleaner

OK, it was downright creepy driving underneath the freeway at the frontage road exit under Beltway 8. Knowing that this whole section of road was covered in 10 feet of water on Tuesday was surreal when I navigated the u turn with no problem. A man lost his life there. In fact this is the same place where the cops chased some bad guys and one was shot right there on the u turn of the freeway. Today's trip was totally uneventful which is how I like them to be.

Are y'all more aware of someone coughing or sneezing around you know with all the swine flu news? I notice it more and in fact right now I fear a moment when I might have a little tickle in my throat and heaven forbid it, I cough. At least I cover my mouth with the crook of my elbow. I heard about that during the winter, makes sense. Anyway, I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday, within 3 feet of a cough, who I might add, did not cover her mouth. I high tailed it to the check out line and didn't even linger in my favorite section of the bookstore, journals. Today, me included, more used the antibacterial wipes for the machines at the gym. I even washed my hands before leaving. I think I would rather wear latex gloves than a mask.

Have y'all watched Melissa's video on LPM blog on the gondola in Calcutta? What tickled me is the thought of people feeling safer on rides at Six Flags or Astro World. Way back in the day I worked at Astro World and I was all of 16 years old. I was running rides...and sometimes, no many a time working a double shift to make more money. I think about this any time I am riding amusement park rides, which I don't do too much of anymore, that my life is in the hand of 16 and 17 year olds. My manager was a guy who was a classmate of mine in high school. He was over about half of the rides. Even years afterwards when I would go to the park as a guest, there were certain rides I wouldn't ride cause I knew what was holding them together. Rather I knew of how little was holding them together.

My dad called today or as he says when leaving a message, Nancy, this is your father... Anyway, he and a bunch of his friends get together every Friday for lunch. One of his friends told the group about these two funny ladies who had come to Tallowood on Sunday night. According to my dad, his friend went on and on, nearly doing our whole routine for the group and everyone was in hysterics when it dawns on my dad, it maybe could be me and Peggy. So he asks some questions and then he reveals to the group the tall one is his daughter. He didn't say if he was proud of me or how funny we can be, Peggy and me, but I think he felt a little closer to the stars...ha ha she says in jest.... among his friends.

Today, I came home after my workout kind of tired and beat. I didn't sleep as well last night as I would have liked. About a month ago I bought a couple of shots, love saying that on a Baptist girl's blog, of Organic Energy Shot. So today, I took a shot of energy. Totally weird in how I drank it, like it was a shot of something. Then realizing it's just a name, not how I have to consume it. Don't ask me how I know about doing shots, yea, I must have seen something like that in a movie. So, I have started doing laundry and I'm about to vacuum, so we'll see how much energy I get from this. It is lemon flavored and it is not bad tastin

Just stopped for a minute to get a Diet Coke. This energy shot isn't half bad. I feel like I could do a big spring cleaning...I feel like I could. It doesn't mean that I am going to. Actually, I am testing this stuff out to see if I can drink it on the road. I do most of the driving because Roy hates to drive and I hate his driving. As we talked about our trip, Roy's mind is made up about getting back to Houston quickly once the excursion portion of the trip is done. I'm think that will be after visiting Square Books in Oxford.

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