Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1001 Bullet Points...Maybe Not That Many but it Will Feel LIke it When You're Done

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Just call me Mrs. Paul Revere.  I just set the alarm off here at the house.  Roy called and asked me if everything was ok, because the security people were on the phone.  Oh yeah, I forgot that I went through the side garage door without deactivating the alarm.  It has been one of those mornings doing a bunch of errands in the midst of some huge wreck on the freeway and then I am distracted with other stuff.  In no order since my brain is not in order and while studying the book of Revelation we are constantly reminded that it is not in chronological order, are some bullet points of things going on.  Oh and by making the reference to the book of Revelation in no way do I think I am putting myself in the same category as John, the disciple whom Jesus loved. 
  • I am dressed today as if I still played tennis.  Have on a sport skirt and capris.  My hair is in a tiny little ponytail.  Seems these days I wear workout clothes for everything but working out.  Nord had a great deal on the skirts this fall.  So I am bopping around the prairie as a faux tennis player.
  • At Lowe's the cashier rang up my stuff wrong.  I told him two potting soils and two garden planting soils.  He charged me for 4 potting soils which is significantly more expensive than garden soil.  Who knew?  Anyway, I had a feeling and I did something I never, well hardly ever do, I actually checked the receipt.  Since I had only taken two steps away from the counter, it was a quick, tennis step back.  You should have seen the looks on the faces of the people in line.  They hated me.  Well guess what, I was in the same boat  with the customers in line in front of me.  Since my arch nemisis are mini vans, I have a feeling all these people who delayed my purchase are mini van drivers.    Why do people share carts and then can't decide who wanted what?  And get into a huge, rather vocal discussion over it.  Gee, I would hate to see them discuss anything meaningful. Then an older lady tied up the line with all kinds of things and when it came time to pay, she wasn't even in the ready position.  She starts digging through her purse and since she is paying in cash, she is scrounging around for 7 cents or something.  Back in the day, I usually would say something to a person like, did you think you didn't have to pay?  You could speed things up a little by being prepared.  If I had done this she might have thought, hey girl, get back on the tennis courts where you belong and then I would have to tell her, I am playing dress up and instead of dressing up like a princess, which as a monarch I have every right to do, I am playing pretend tennis player.  So there.
  • Since I had such a bad attitude at Lowe's, a trip to Mardel's was in store to restore balance in my heart.  Went in, looked at a bunch of stuff and came out with nothing.  Pretty happy about that because there were several things that caught my eye.  When I did play tennis and ran errands in tennis togs, I did get asked out at a Christian bookstore.  The guy started talking to me about the Amplified Bible I was about to purchase and then said, "I see you are a tennis player, maybe you would like to teach me how to play and then maybe we could go out for something to eat."  I told him, I couldn't.  My husband doesn't let me date. 
  • So this huge wreck had I 10 backed up.  So I was adventurous and took a back way I thought might work and surprise, it did. 
  • Made a quick stop at McDonald's for a snack.  I thought the correct thing and ordered something totally different.  Then at the pick up window, I protested my order, nicely.  It dawned on me, it was my fault.  Not unlike a double fault in tennis.  My punishment to myself, which I am saying in my best Peggy Hill voice, was to take what I had mistakenly ordered.  Then I proceeded to accidentally have stuff drip on my shirt...which was maybe additional punishment. Ah, there is the double fault.  I pulled in our garage and began unloading all the stuff from Lowe's.  The garbage men picked up the recyclables and then sat there watching me unload things.  I got a little uncomfortable with that and thus went through the side garage door which in turn set off the alarm. 
  • On Sunday, we did the whole spring forward thing.  We changed out all the air filters and the batteries in the smoke detectors.  They always say push the button to make sure it is working.  Roy did and it set off the fire alarm.  The thing is screeching and yelling fire, fire, there is a fire.  Of course I started saying, the roof, the roof the roof is on fi-ar.  We don't need no water....by then Roy had scampered down the ladder to call the security company cause we didn't need a firetruck pulling up to the house.  That's when we found out our fire alarms are not hooked up to the security system.  So, that will be taken care of in short order. 
  • Last night Peggy invited us for leftovers.  They were delicious.  Bill had all the people who have booths in his store over for dinner and to reveal who had won best booth by those of us who voted in February on Sunday night.  We had fajitas, wraps, chips, tacitos and a plethora of desserts.  It was a delicious dinner.  Roy and I were going to have left over pizza but now that is on the menu for tonight's dinner. 
  • The challenge is to woo the two doves into making their nest on this side of the fence where they will be safe and not on the other side where predators prowl.  They have been enjoying the bird seed and with all the digging we've been doing, fresh worms and bugs are ripe for the picking.  I'm a little concerned for them though, they seem to have their more intimate moments on the fence and well, he just isn't hitting the target.  He keeps attempting to mate with the back of the neck of the female.  Guess this is what it sounds like when doves cry. 
  • Roy put together the rocking/glider chair Sunday afternoon.  It was a difficult project and the instructions were sketchy at best.  I had heard this about other Martha Stewart projects.  We lauded her queen of DIY projects, but it didn't help.  After several attempts to get the base and the chair connected properly, it was done.  Lucky Roy, I went back and got the accent table that goes with the chair...and you guessed it...it has to be put together. 
  • Today our Amazon order should be delivered and one of the books I am really looking forward to reading is The Resignation of Eve by Jim Henderson with lots of Barna research.  The reviews have been good.  Believe me, I am not a women's libber but after being on staff at a church and seeing how a lot of things work, there are always issues and things that could be improved.   Although the complicated inner workings of being biblical and getting things done at church is a tricky dance, Oops, no dancing in the Baptist church but the reality is...there are more women volunteers in most churches. Another truth?   It is the admins that are the backbone and that is true whether it be church work or secular work.  In fact one reviewer asked, what if the women stayed home one Sunday.  What would happen?  It is kind of a funny thing to think about and I'm not advocating that at all.  In reality other women are the ones that hold the "keys to the kingdom."  Just how much you can actually use your spiritual gifts is sometimes hampered by a fear factor or politics of those in charge or those who might have some say.  Believe me, if I didn't have the outlet of my blog and other things like that, I would be one very frustrated person and I have other outlets to actually use the gifts given from God.   From reading excerpts the author concludes there are many women attending church who are present but not really present...they're not that involved anymore.  Guess the same thing could be said of men.  Guess it is kind of like me wearing tennis clothes today.  At one point in my life, tennis clothes were my outfit of choice, I was involved.  Then tennis lost its joy and not even the fun of winning and being united in purpose with my teammates could hold my interest anymore.  Tennis lost its passion and purpose with the ever growing reality of politics.  So many times it wasn't the abilities of a tennis player that got her on Open Championship teams it was how well one played the"game" and courted the favor of those who had the power.  Believe me, I used both ways to play open championship and it was the continuing game of politics and the toll politics inflicted that started the process of me leaving a game I really loved to play.  And now, I just dress like the game I used to love to play. 
  • Well, the flowers are calling to me.  They need to be planted in the ground and in containers.  I nearly had the same mishap occur that happened to Roy at Lowe's.  He was pulling some containers down for me and little did we know they were filled with rain water.  Roy was totally soaked.  I almost did the same thing but changed my mind and went with round containers.  Whew...crisis averted. 
  • Tomorrow is the beginning of Nord's five days of triple points.  So while the maid is here tomorrow, you know where I'll be.  I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Nord. 


Anonymous said...

As I've told you before, you should write a book. Maybe you are. I hope so! Kathy (the one who told you to write a book.)

Jenny said...

i want that gift card!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm Paige's Aunt Sherry and loved reading your blog!! Laughed out loud a few times and had a great time!