Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And Now For a Safety Minute or Two

It is an easing into the day kind of morning. Yesterday morning I was up early because it was the first day of spring. Well, that is not really the reason I was up early, it was due to the fact a rather large storm system was on the move and nearing the Rancho de Five area. I'd like to think by rising early and getting cleaned up I thwarted the potential severity of the storm by being ready for it. We received a good amount of rain but not nearly as much lighting and thunder as had been predicted.

Roy sent me a safety moment email from the office. It was all about not participating in horseplay with snakes or any other reptiles in your work environment. Uh, yea, don't think I'd be doing that. You're preaching to the choir. I would not participate in horseplay at home either with any reptilian like creatures.

Would you horseplay with a snake in the house? No sir no sir, not even with a mouse!

Would you, could you horseplay in a tree? There's no way, not with my bad knee(s).

How about snake horseplay in the yard? No, I tell you, that's too hard!

Not in the house, not in a tree, not in a yard. Please Sam I Am, I would be emotionally scarred.

I do not like horseplay with snakes. That is a vow that I can make.

I have also made a vow not to horseplay with rodents, small or large, scorpions, cockroaches and other slimy disgusting things..lizards, snails, worms.... No, Roy doesn't work at the zoo and to the best of his knowledge there aren't any reptiles in his office but there are lots of pipeline and crude oil tank storage areas that his company owns all across the country.

My friend Dena just sent me the safety moment from her job which just happens to be in the same genre as Roy's only hers is much more helpful... This is so helpful wasp spray is better than pepper spray if someone is attacking you and wasp spray KILLS SNAKES! I'm going to look for the purse size, clip onto the waist of your shorts size wasp spray. Now see that is good safety moment info!

For the most part I have been taking it easy the past few days. I had a little bit of a scare Sunday morning. I had a heart episode and I haven't had one of those in several months. Usually, I have a little warning before one comes on, but Sunday I had no warning at all. It kind of rattled me, not unlike horseplay with a rattle snake, which of course I would never do. It took about ten minutes for me to recover but felt the effects of it into Monday.

I'm getting a much needed pedicure tomorrow. There are just so many lovely spring shades of color to choose from.

Well, I would like to work with my plants later today so guess I should be off to get some wasp spray. It will be just like the storm, if I prepare for seeing a snake, I won't see a snake. Well, at least that is what I would like to believe today.

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marty h said...

Here you are a poet and didn't even know it! (Sorry about that!) I am not surprised about the heart trouble - you are under lots of stress between your dad and attacking snakes. Praying for you, girl. The wildflower pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.