Thursday, March 29, 2012

Confuse, Scare and Comfort

This morning in Bible study our homework questions were based on the first six verses of Revelation 20.  I thought I was totally confused because I did my homework in front of the TV this week.  That's something I usually don't do and I was a little afraid Dance Moms and Mobsters might get quoted instead of the Bible.  Well, we all seemed to be in the same boat, I christen thee Confused. Almost everyone had a difficultt time with the lesson.  There are a few times in each study that it feels like filler or stretching out the material to help the study end at the right time.   You know how  weird prayer time and table talk in Sunday School is used as filler time or in full gospel circles when the preacher says you can't put a clock on the Holy Ghost pretty much tells you the guy didn't study or prepare.  This was one of those lessons when it would have been better to let us out a week early.  It is especially frustrating when we have finally gotten to the good part of, we win!!! 

So it is a cloudy, overcast day.  We've had some rain off and on.  This only postpones our yard guy cutting our grass.  We need to buy a mower for such a time as this.  We are so going to have a letter from the HOA.  At least when the grass is shorter, the weeds aren't quite as evident.  I ran to the HEB before coming home.  They had soda crackers on sale.  It has been a really long time since we've had some of those in the house.  I came home with a box and had crackers and cheese for lunch.  It was delicious. 

Jesus Calling is about the best devotional I have ever used.  It is good each and every day.  Several friends are using it as a devo as well and although we are all going through different things and have very different decisions to make...Jesus Calling hits home with all of us. 

It has been several days of scares.  Of course Tuesday was the wandering adventures of dad.  Yesterday, I could not find Buddy.  She has been interested of late with the great outdoors because of the birds and the stray cat that wanders through our yard from time to time.  I had used all the cat tricks up my sleeve to make her appear, you know bouncing a ball, opening the drawer with her favorite toy in it and shaking the treat bag...nothing.  But then I remembered working in the linen closet earlier in the morning and when I opened the door, she made a bee line out to the kitchen.  I presume looking for those promised snacks from the shaking of the bag,  Today, my scare was shingles.  I was about this close to asking one of the moms in my core group, is this shingles?  Of course Dr. Google was of some help but instead of the shingles being around my waist where shingles normally show up, the rash and bumps were on part of my hand and arm.  So, I wore long sleeves and kept up the perfect Bible study attendance thing going.  Later on in the morning, most of the bumps were gone.  Then I remembered this is a rash I get usually when stressed.  So the calming effect of confusing Bible study helped my stress subside. 

The maid was here yesterday.  I eased into the day trying to take care of things around here until she came in the afternoon.  Once she got here, I was out of her hair and onto errands. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  Roy is taking the day off.  We are going to try the Pecan Grille for breakfast and then later on in the afternoon, he has a hair appointment in the land of sugar.  After several years absence, he is going back to Emmanuel.  Emmanuel, the hair salon, Roy never left the Lord...  God with us.  We are going to try and get a few things we've been putting off taken care of. 

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marty h said...

Did Buddy give you a dirty look for being "locked" in the linen closet. I am surprised he wasn't complaining loudly while in there. He must be a very easy going cat.