Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Wanderings

All I can say is, thanking God for His favor yesterday.  I really can't go into much more than that, but it was a Psalms 5:12 kind of day.  His mercies are new every morning!

I am finally home.  There were so many things that needed to be taken care of today.  So, I confess, I have become THAT woman.  You know the type that drives a SUV and parks it cattywampos, meaning sometimes all or part of Sequisha is on the diagonal.  Well for once it wasn't me being the guilty party, it was the Tahoe parked next to me.  I came out of the store and it was tight squeezing to get things in the backseat.  I had done really well keeping my door away from the Tahoe.  When I climbed into the car, the wind gusted and blew my door right into the Tahoe and the driver was sitting there.  She slammed her fist on the horn and barely looked away from her texting to see my apologetic hand wave and really sad face.  I checked to see if I had done any damage and there wasn't any.  No checking the phone for me, I got the heck out of Dodge and onto the next stop.  I went to pick up some dessert from Kay's Tea Room but they were closed.  Tomorrow is brunch day at Bible study.  Guess I will pick something up later. 

We still feel like we are in shell shock from the weekend.  There is this gaping emotional hole and even Roy is feeling it, maybe even more.  It dawned on him in the midst of helping and after nearly 35 years of marriage, he is not considered a part of the family by my father.  It hurt his feelings and of course in my great comforting manner I said, really?  Your feelings are hurt?  You want to take my place in this shebang?  Some have suggested that maybe this is the beginning of dementia.  Oh my...But,we know this to be true, we are not walking this path alone.

Now this is really freaky.  In the past two weeks, 2 pictures have fallen off walls and a nic knack shelf in the casita bedroom fell.  Now if I was all into paranormal stuff, I'd be on TV.  Laughing I said to Roy, what if my mom is upset and she's knocking stuff off the walls.   He said, well she wouldn't be here throwing things off the wall.  She's not mad at us.  Really, I think with all the underground work going on, it has caused things to fall.  Now I have to tackle that shelf again.  It was a dickens to hang in the first place.  Not too many things were broken, one Nord lamb ornament, one Nord Christmas ornament is slightly broken and a Nord vase.  Hmmm...could this be Nordstrom related?

Looks like we are in for some rain.  I kind of like that. 

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