Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fun Day

The birds in our backyard are very interesting to watch.  Some of those birds have taken me in and there are others I'd rather see move on down the road.  The first mocking bird dined at our bird feeder this morning.  Then it perched in the tree and sang some beautiful music.  The doves have been joined by another dove couple and I think the male of the original pair that discovered our feeder hasn't been around, but his mate has been.  And she looks to be with childs.  I fear that he met his untimely demise.  One of the new doves is rather assertive and takes on some of the bigger birds that stop in for a quick bite.  We have a few sparrows and a few other types of birds that I have no clue what type they are.  Angry Birds has nothing on my hungry birds.  Our peaceful morning was interrupted by the foundation being poured on the lot behind us and more water pipe or some kind of pipe being installed beside us.  Either way it is a mechanically sounding day and probably all this progress just might shake up the snakes who repose by the pond.  Roy put out a fresh batch of moth balls and I bought several cans of wasp spray.  I went with the longest distance spray and it sprays 27 feet.  I bought a few other things and thought it might look weird if I bought one food item and then several cans of wasp spray.  Again, I think I watch too much ID TV. 

My mother's father kept notebooks of quotes and newspaper clippings.  He also kept a diary for years and years.  I loved looking through his books of quotes and I wish I had asked for them after my grandmother died.  When I was a child I loved to read through his diaries which seemed to be more of a chronicling of the weather but I looked through them to see if he wrote about me anywhere.  What a treasure to find myself in his diary.  Guess the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree for I am a collector of quotes and I have kept a journal since about the fourth grade.  This week some rather interesting and collectible quotes have come my way and maybe in light of this week and the past few weeks of trying to help a loved one; these words have been especially insightful.  I liked this one that John Maxwell tweeted today, "integrity is exhibited in actions, not pronouncements of intention."  Lorin Woolfe.  I will just leave this whole subject matter alone but this quote and a few others have made it into my quote book. 

Sunday looks to be another stellar day weather wise for Spring Loaded at church.  Since I no longer work at the church, and since Spring Loaded was kind of my baby to take care of, I am thoughtful toward the fun day for kids and their families, but also very relieved not to have to be responsible for it anymore.  Spring Loaded has never had a rainy Sunday, so that is good since everything is outside.  This is also the first year for it to be at Warrior field, so the logistics and the ease of getting there should increase attendance. 

What beautiful days we've been having.  Can't get enough of the cool mornings and the warm afternoons.  Maybe Roy will get started on our raised garden beds this weekend.  I doubt he will want me help as lookout armed with a can of wasp spray to take care of any errant snakes that might come our way.

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courtney said...

raised beds? might we be planting vegetables?