Monday, March 19, 2012

Late Night Ramblings

Nothing like waiting for the rain.  It has sprinkled rain a few times today, but nothing note worthy.  The wind was unbelieveable today.  It was blowing so hard that it uprooted several small plants in the backyard.  So, after our delicious dinner of stuffed pasta with butternut squash sauce and salad, we worked at bit in the yard.  We moved some of the plants out of the wind and replanted the ones that had been uprooted.  Of course my every move was a bit calculated in being aware that another sneaky snake might be lurking and looking for vengance for the death of you know, the other snake. 

The first night of Dancing with the Stars was really good.  Urkel, can really dance.  Martina looked a little stiff but beautiful and that Cuban guy...muy caliente!  I had really never watched the show until last season.  I was a late comer to all the fun. 

I went with Roy to his Life Bible Class yesterday.  His teacher, David Taylor is going through the book of Isaiah.  He cover five chapters in 45 minutes and it was really good and very thought provoking.  The lesson was especially interesting since we've been studying Revelation in Community Bible Study and the prophecy came alive to me in light of what we've learned since September. 

Last year I had lunch with a tennis friend who loves reading just about as much or maybe even more than me.  She told me about a fiction book, Turn of the Mind.  It is written from the prospective of a woman doctor who is slowly but surely drifting deeper and deeper into Alzheimer's.  The story is actually a mystery concerning the death, rather the murder of the doctor's best friend.  Pat told me by reading the book it would help me understand a little better the thought process and the disease that was destroying my mother.  She was right.  Only, I had just started reading the book when my mother passed away.  Since the book is on my Nook, it has been a haphazard reading as I use my Nook for appointments and such where there is some down time.  I just finished the book over the weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the perspective.  I have started a non fiction book of one man's search back through his family tree trying to understand why his distant relative would leave Vermont and come to the South to make his fortune during the time of reconstruction.  His story has pulled me in and I am just starting the third chapter. 

Just maybe I might have an addiction to One Kings Lane, Joss & Main, Haute Look, Rue La La, Fab and whatever other Internet shopping sites that have deeply discounted on many of a kind and one of kind items.  Actually, it is fun to get some really great deals.  Like CJ Cookie Johnson capris which are normally $150 priced for $49.50.  Now, I wouldn't ever pay a $150 for a pair of capris and many times when they go on sale on her website or on Nordstrom, they've been picked over.  We have furnished and finished a lot of rooms and outside with items from these websites.  About 10:00 am the deals hit the email.  I cannot believe how fast some people are able to get on site and get things.  Rue La La gives you free shipping for 30 days after paying 9.95 for your first shipment.  Thank you Emily for telling me about RLL.  On the other websites, the shipping can be a sizable sum, so you have to watch that. 

They must be getting desperate for street names out here in the Rancho de Five.  One new street is Oak Rambling, not Rambling Oak.  So many of the streets out here include the name Gaston or Flewellyn in them...   The ground has been broken for the new Kroger and Academy.  Walls are being put up for a strip center near the new McDonalds.  It's kind of happening all at once out here.

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