Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday!

Being the thoughtful wife, I went to Home Goods today to find a tea kettle for Roy.  Before we moved into our house I had bought Roy this fancy smancy electric water warmer but it started to leak.  So, we are opting for the good old fashioned kettle on the stove.  Found a beautiful red kettle and can I help it that along the way to find a kettle there were some very interesting aisles.  And somethings from these interesting aisles found themselves in a shopping basket and then loaded into Sequisha.  Oh, the things I do for love.  :)  Actually, Roy will be quite thrilled because I bought some food type items at Home Goods and tonight we are having fresh pasta and butternut squash sauce and salad.  In November we had this butternut squash sauce and loved it, so all three remaining jars made their way to our house today.  Peggy and I discovered this chocolate covered popcorn, pretzels and the like at Brookwood.  It is addicting.  Home Goods had it today and it was $7.00 cheaper.  Ah, I'm such a penurious shopper. 

Yesterday, we went to church and then after lunch headed over to see my dad.  He gets his days kind of confused and he called on Saturday asking us when we were showing up.  That would be Sunday, Dad.  His conversation seemed more like a fishing expedition and that thought was confirmed when we got back home and listened to the message he had left on the home phone.  So Sunday seemed like a good visit, well that is, until the end.  Once again, he sprang a request upon us that we were not prepared to fulfill and this time instead of getting outwardly angry, he simmered and made a few hurtful and sarcastic remarks.  I responded, I don't think you want to go down that road.  We left but once again we came home exhausted and drained.  It takes a whole lot of energy to talk and try to reason with my father.  He is due to go home on Friday, but I think he really isn't prepared to go home and live alone.  He has some people that he is going to call to see if he can get some part time help with the house and help him.  He will probably never make the calls to get someone over there.  He is really good about talking a good game, but his procrastination overtakes his good intentions.  We spend a lot of time going in circles because he wants to hear what we think but it is a waste of time, since he has already made up his mind.  When I was a child and got in trouble, we always had to have these long, drawn out conversations.  It was a chance for me to plead my case.  I was a poor lawyer for myself, I never, never , ever won one plea.  Even then, I got to the point where I just asked for my punishment because the stating my case thing was a HUGE waste of time and only delayed the inevitable spanking.  It also makes it difficult because there are several different versions of the things that may have happened or maybe really did happen with his health.  Just this past week he was telling me he didn't agree with a choice someone was making and his pronouncement of this decision is, well, they are making this decision and they are going to have to live with it and suffer any consequences that come from it.  I'm filing that in my back pocket, because he is doing the very same thing.  Only when he makes a bad decision he expects everyone to drop everything and rescue him.  He and I have had difficulties with one another for most of my life.  His attitude toward me and this mini stroke he has had takes a huge toll on Roy and me.  We were like zombies for the rest of the evening.

I thought I would post a few of the pictures Roy took on Saturday.


Becky T said...

Love that word "penurious" You are such a good writer. Love your posts.
Sorry you are having these episodes with your dad. It is hard. Just go with the flow. Sorry I also have not taken the time to call. Just been in my own little world lately. Wish we lived closer to help you all. :)

courtney said...

When the bluebonnets came out, I felt like there was hope for Texas after the horrible drought. Sorry things are so bad with your dad. We need some Bistro time.

Ria said...

The view of the nature in spring bring some great lightness and joy you don t expect to have even in difficult situations !
Thank you for posting they are beautiful !

Ria said...

The beauty of the nature in spring give you a lightness and joy when you need it
Thank you for sharing ! Love it !!

Ria said...

The beauty of the nature in spring give you lightness and joy helping when dark days comes through
Thank you for posting this pics!! Love it !