Thursday, March 1, 2012

How I Spent My Leap Year Day

I spent my leap year day mainly attending to all things dad related.  Monday evening he drove himself to the ER due to a high INR from his blood thinners.  We found out yesterday he had also fallen in the yard, but depending on his mood or how he would like to be viewed, he will confirm the fall and then deny it.  We went to see him Tuesday evening and he seemed to be doing well and in good spirits.  Wednesday morning he called Roy in a panic.  MD Anderson was trying to kill him, he had also been kidnapped by people who acted like they were nurses and he was on a really nice floor with a beautiful room.  That meant to him they were trying to bilk him of his money.  No dad, that would be the health care system in general.  When we saw him yesterday, he realized he had not been kidnapped and MDA was trying to help him, not kill him.  While we were there the physician's assistant came in and we got clear, non convoluted information.  We over ruled my dad and he is not going home because he cannot care for himself alone and he is still dizzy.  He had told us his legs wouldn't move but it's not the case.  He cannot stand, steady himself or walk alone without assistance.  I thought I might need assistance because I wore sandals that I didn't remember were so painful if you had to do a lot of walking in them.  Note to self...don't wear those to MDA.  Of course when it come to the Med Center, Valerie Valet is my name.  So, I found out which entrance was valet friendly.  Now this is where I am so different in my thinking when it comes to parking at the Med Center than my dad, it costs $12.00 to park in a garage, that you have to drive around forever to find a spot, and then hike a million miles to get where you want to be.  For $3.00 more, you can valet park.  Sure you have to stand in line to pay and it may take a while to get your car but the stress factor is lowered considerably.  To complicate matters while we were trying to find my dad's car in the garage so we could take it to his home, he had lost his little yellow smart parking chip.  You would not believe the hassle to get out of the garage with limited human help.  Of course this all has to take place at the exit and cars are stacking up with people blowing the horns.  And to add insult to injury, my dad drives a mini van.  You all know how I feel about them.  I made Roy drive it because it was so hard to be in it, I could not drive it.  Really for more reasons than one.  Once we got out of the garage with our lives pretty much intact, Roy dropped me off at the valet area so I could get my car.  Then I met him at an assisted living place suggested by my dad. 

I know this story is riveting and you are so mad that I have to quit and do a part 2 installment of how I spent my leap year day.  Stayed tuned, it only gets better.  It will be so worth the wait. 

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